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  1. This time a doram ♥ That one is a special gift/commission for @Miconi He isnt active anymore, but he helped me alot getting a new pen. Even if you wont read this, thank you very very much.
  2. Go Go Noob rangers ~! Fun at ww
  3. Im currently buying a CostumeWild Rose ♥ It was once in token shop for 30 tokens. Costume Wild Rose ID# 19530 I can offer either zeny for it I also can offer Gemini Blue Eyes (wich was 40 token) or Blessing of angel (wich was also 40 tokens when im right) Please let me know if you are willing to sell/trade. You can either pm me here in forum, reply to this topic or pm my ingame chars Autumn Angel / Rozemary / Walpurgis Nacht / Autumn Stray Thank you ♥
  4. I finally finished this lines. I did them way way way back.. Mooonths ago, and i really hated them. Thats why i never continue them So i edit the lines and create something pinky kawaiish...sunrise idk Dx
  5. 🎃 HAPPY EARLY HALLOWEEN 🎃 Exact on time for the halloween event i finished my warlock drawing ♥ I drawed on it for days now, even if its a more simple shading i use as normal. (was an experiment) Like always i did the lines on paper and colored it on pc ♥ ~Say hello to my Walpurgis Nacht~ You can see here the original lines on paper ~
  6. Yes. I know abt leafbird, chipmunks and i found out about the others, since i found an guiana pet on my old storage wich isnt working anymore Thats why u cant find a picture of leafbird and chipmunk But important for me was the kyut, cotton and or gold/silver/bronze and blockring
  7. thanks alot for repeating it over and over LMAO XD I like dorams meany.
  8. ♥ HUHUHU heya ♥ Its exactly a week aog i posted something, i didnt even notice haha. This day i post my doram as artwork. Doram is an extremly fun class, and you can play either physical or magic! its awesome. So i felt like drawing her.. This time its a more simple shade, with only one shading color. It took me the half day.. i guess i startet aorund uhm 6 hours ago and worked straight on it. IIIIIIIIII WAS ALOT INSPIRED BY @Gacha this fat cat came latey back to drawing and drawed his kitty. And i got sooo inspired by it!! (btw you should check it out) ***no advertisement COUGH*** Also here check gachas topic out! [LINK] Its worth it. We need more artists!!!
  9. Yeahhhhh, like i sayd. It should do more as juuuudeex. Thanks for pointing out @D e M o N It was just smthing fats and rush, i guess master eve will fix it soon ^-^
  10. Yes please yes..... or whole map idk... because last time me and someone got Tgen~ And he was so kind give it to me ;_; ♥ But he had to wait for 1h..
  11. Yeeesuuuuu, i know a special op magic SC Lmao
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