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  1. Autumn Angel

    What happen sir

    The map was down, no one could log in :3 Gm Allready fixed it~
  2. Autumn Angel

    Ribbon [1] Bug - Can't Equip

    No problem
  3. Autumn Angel

    Ribbon [1] Bug - Can't Equip

    I think he has a myst case card Item ID# 4206 in his ribbon with slot Thats why its called cubic ribbon[1] I guess..
  4. Autumn Angel

    Petition: Sorcerer Revamping

    Thats exactly not what i sayd/meant. Since i am a noob on sorc, and i dont mind saying it. I just saw/talked to my friends and saw it. I simpley answeared your questions :C
  5. Autumn Angel

    Petition: Sorcerer Revamping

    Hmm maybe, they just know how to play professor prop, and have equip for each situation. Thats all.
  6. Autumn Angel

    Pharmacy Skill (level 10)

    True, i mean you have to consider that you have to click each time ur skill for just one bottle. Could be annoying if you make a bunch. I can remeber that it was allready annoying for me to make 200 ea And lets be honest... as genetic you need ALOT bootles
  7. Autumn Angel

    Pharmacy Skill (level 10)

    Thanks op ass vio
  8. Autumn Angel

    Pharmacy Skill (level 10)

    Ahhhhh i see! Thankies vio, im not good at pot making or soooo thats why i asked XD FML
  9. Autumn Angel

    Pharmacy Skill (level 10)

    Yeah u could but stil, bleh. Dosent it cost more? Like alc or so..
  10. Autumn Angel

    Pharmacy Skill (level 10)

    How about #NoDualAnymore BAHAHAHHAHA
  11. Autumn Angel

    Petition: Sorcerer Revamping

    I dont have alot knowledge about sorcs or dont even play one as main BUT i kinda need to agree with @D e M o N Sorcs are kinda op if you play them right, they wreck me alwayxs in WoE...when i see them i run if they let me.. I think there are reasons for the admins/gm to nerf sorcs from time to time, even if they are squishy...they deal alot dmg if you play them right + right eq. Hmm i mean i see it on my friends who play sorc.. they are kinda OP in my opinion :3 But this are just my thoughts on it, since im not a sorc player and see the other side..beeing attacked by one
  12. Autumn Angel

    summoner sprite using @dye

    Yep... when i saw this...auto delete my doram XD Seriously i got desperate about the color changes. I mean the colors before where allready ugly, and i thinked nothing could top it..But nvm I was wrong hahah
  13. Autumn Angel

    Royal Guard on @mount2

    It still errors my ass from the map tbh XD But only the ppl next to the one who goes on the mount. The one who gets on the mount itself is safe, and after the hotfix update i allready opatched gro/kro and it still errors me out XD -new edit- We tested it on different distances, and it seems you have to be near (i only crashed when the mounted one was near) On far away it didnt work. Im still on testing XD because we wanted to see if the whole map crashes. Here is the error thingy
  14. Autumn Angel

    World boss issues

    Yeah i observed the same the last days. We where around 20+ ppl but still we killed him just 3 mins before he despawned >_> Also trying to tank him is rather hard and near to impossible since he ports now ppl away who attack him directly. And if he does he will go around running berserk hahaha. I mean dont get me wrong, i love challanges and if everything would be too easy its just meh bleh and boring. But interuppt the tank every 1 minute leads to that belphe run crazy and kill everyone. Means no one will be able to attack him~ I think the problem that he causes is that much ppl dont do wbe anymore when belphe appears (talked to some ppl) And thats very sad, because wbe is (for me atlast) a main feature as bg and woe and ALOT of fun. But if less ppl join it will be even mor eimpossible to kill him on time. This are just my 2 cents.
  15. Autumn Angel

    Easter Event 2018

    Q__Q <333 OKAY -hugs-