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  1. Graphite Rod: 80 gRO Tokens Choco: 3 Universal Tamers attempts BBQ Picky: PRICELESS!! IGN: Gabriela Wodemeiren
  2. The Original - Lady Solace Map Cannot get taming item once you've reached the required destination. Cupid the 2nd - Girl's Naivety Where can you find this item? Pinkamenias Returning - Love Flower Demi-humans aren't dropping the love flowers even when Lovelove Balloon is equipped. Where can I find the chocolate lady npc that use to be in Alberta?
  3. sucrose

    tur_dun1 map error

    Hmm, I have no problem warping to tur_dun01 😶
  4. I received Costume Flying Galapago and instead of seeing a cute penguin I was greeted with a single red strand of hair or whatever that is.
  5. I was able to drop it just now. Maybe your "lock item drop" is on.
  6. IGN: ii Saku ii My favorite place to fish is on the boat next to Ran (Water Spirit) in Althea. However, today it seem that I've offended her with my constant casting and reeling that she called her pet over. Lesson learn that I shouldn't bother her when she's already grief stricken over losing her nine babies 🤣
  7. sucrose

    Doram Sprite

    Oh, I realized today that I could just change it to @hcolor 0 and the doram's face went back to normal. Thanks @Everade. 🤗
  8. sucrose

    Doram Sprite

    It'll show the black face on hstyle 2, hstyle 5, and hstyle 6 for the female doram. (I am so sorry for my OP photo editing skills )_
  9. sucrose

    Doram Sprite

    Hairless dorams are all black faced >_< (Oops, I think I posted in wrong place. Sorry)
  10. IGN: Gabriela Wodemeiren PS. I AM SO SORRY ABOUT THIS SUPER LONG POST. I AM FORUM NOOB >_< The river's current was so strong that it carried the unconscious Cat to an unknown land. This new land was vibrant with different shades of yellow and green. However, why were there chunks of cheese here and there? After a few hours, Cat was startled awake by a big mountain of a cat with a chef hat resting on top of his head. Without much questions the giant cat led Cat to an outdoor restaurant which was bustling with all kinda cats in different shapes and sizes. Cat was amazed for she has never seen so many cats in one area before. The news of the Great Zodiac Race was the hottest gossip in town. Some laughed and some pitied the foolish cat for being deceived by Rat. Cat stiffened in her seat and hung her head down as she held back tears. Suddenly, a giant plate of mushroom pancake was placed in front of her. Her stomach gave a loud rumbled and she blushed. Chef gave her a small smile and nodded. Cat took one bite and almost swooned from the mere deliciousness of the pancake. How can something so simple be so fluffy and divine? The mushroom mixed in with the syrups melted on her tongue and slid down her throat like smooth wine. It was within that moment that Cat's life will be changed forever. Chef took a liking to Cat and took her under his wings and treated her like she was his own kitten. He taught her how to bake and cook and was amazed at how Cat seem to absorbed everything in like a sponge. His greatest surprise was the power she had within her little paws. The legend was told that only one cat every 99 years were born with the power of the Golden Paws. They were known to be the greatest at producing the best bread, pizza, pasta or any goods that needed to be knead. The news traveled all across Lasagna and everyday the restaurant was jammed pack with customers. One day in December, a well-tailored fat cat came into the restaurant. He was sent down by the Head Chef of the Jade Emperor's palace to look for a chef for the upcoming New Year's Banquet. Cat whipped up her famous mushroom pancake and served it to the fat cat. "OHO~ This is spectacular!!" exclaimed the fat cat. He slumped to the ground and fell into a catnap. After a few hours, he woke up and exclaimed that Cat must go with him to the palace at once. Cat was hesitant about going because she still felt ashame and bitter about the outcome of the Great Zodiac Race. Later on that day, Chef persuaded Cat to go and assured her that she will always have a home in Lasagna. On the day of her departure, Cat was sent off by Chef, her fellow co-workers and friends. Cat was amazed by sight of the Jade Palace and with the HUGE kitchen. WHEW! The kitchen was even bigger than the whole town of Lasagna. On the day of the banquet, Cat was introduced to the Jade Emperor and the twelve members of the Zodiac. Rat recognized Cat right away and laughed in her face. "Puhahahahah~ Once a loser will always be a loser!" The urge to claw the Rat and roast him over an open fire was strong, but in the presence the Jade Emperor all Cat could do was smile. Once in the kitchen, Cat had many thoughts of sabotaging Rat's plate to make him suffer like how she suffered. However, Cat realized that she hadn't suffered at all. It was more like a blessing in disguise. She was able to meet Chef and her many friends in Lasagna. Even if she wasn't acknowledge as a member of the Zodiac, but wouldn't it better to be acknowledged by people who really cared about you? Cat smiled as she happily prepared the feast for the New Year's Banquet. Everyone complimented on how delicious and fluffy the mushroom pancakes were. The feast was a huge success and the Jade Emperor summoned Cat into the dining hall. He was impressed with the feast and offered a position in the the royal kitchen to Cat. Cat bowed and humbly declined the Jade Emperor as she wants nothing more than to return home to Lasagna. The Jade Emperor nodded in understanding and granted her the title, The Golden Paw Cat. Cat returned home and became the most famous chef in all of Midgard. There has even been rumors that the Jade Emperor would send fat cat over to get an order of freshly made mushroom pancake.
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