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  1. Sure bro, it's really was a pleasure been around with you guys for as long as I could, but even me recently have been busy with work and life, & can't manage to take out time for GrO. I hope soon I'll see you guys around. @Ryu Sakamoto always stay in touch man via discord forum. I hope you'll be back to soon... Lol
  2. Good job buddy, and I'm glad we get to discuss about it. Thanks alot - Pixel Wonderful guide, all the best
  3. Thank you so much for your time and help. Regards Pixel
  4. Hi @Everade, It's been over a week or so, and we are unable to DQ as taka - AKA @mvp_kostand I share the same guild storage for DQ'ing, and it's really hurting us at the current stage, that we can't DQ. I know this is too much ask but if possible can you make a simple announcement for a server reset. I totally understand this too much ask for, but without DQ'ing it's hard to update our equipment, and taka haven't been around for a week now as he can't DQ. It will really be appreciated @Everade if this can be resolved on lil priority. Will be really thankful. Thanks Pixel
  5. Hi guys I'm selling the following cards 1. Fenrir 2. Buwaya 3. Time Holder 4. Unsealed Bapho Also I'm looking for 1. Werewolf {not buying anymore} 2. Sealed Thana / or Thanatos 3. Sealed Lord Knight Pm me in-game Pixel Art 2Pixel
  6. Pixel

    Selling cheap stuffs

    Buying S.Thana & S.LK Rodex me your best offer In-game name. Pixel Art
  7. Dear All, I'm buying this following cards 1. Werewolf {not buying anymore} 2. Sealed Thana/ Or Thanatos 3. Sealed Lord Knight Also I'm offering 1. Fenrir 2. Buwaya 3. Time Holder 4. Unsealed Bapho Pm me in-game Pixel Art 2Pixel
  8. Hey Hi, I face the same issue even I had "Eira" from Homunculus S, and now its disappeared. I tried to recall Homu's & Ress too, none of it seems to be working. so I thought it ran off or something. so I bought a new embryo and made new Homu's all over. if its a bug, please fix mine too >O.x< Thanks 2Pixel - Pixel Art
  9. White Impression (Warlock) and Platinum Altar (Rebel) too
  10. Thanks for the update sir !!
  11. Thanks for the update sir.
  12. Today while BG I noticed that I was been hit by rangers while I was on penuma & Kyrie. So to confirm this issue I also tested the same test with few other chars in pvp, also there we faced the same issue. Thanks 2Pixel ~ Pixel Art
  13. while putting in storage it cant be dropped. i don't really know where i dropped it and all, well i just hope someone might have picked it or something and they return it to me. im even wiling to reward the person if anyone have got it and planing on returning it back lets see hope for best, mean while im trying to buy new one so i can go back to my ranger ASAP...... Lal @mvp_kost
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