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  1. Hello hello! So, I'm having a thought regarding to the post's title-the World Boss Event(WBE). The idea is similar to the NPCs at lasagna 140 250 and the others around there To be brief, when Lasagna NPCS are exchanging Doram Gears for some Doram Tokens So, the idea that I'm suggesting is to have an NPC that can melt WBE item that are account bound into a single Evil Boss Fragment For Example, I'm having these (from 1 year+ actively doing WBE): Sooo, here's another thought that came into my mind about the idea: more free space. To me, it hurts to sell them to NPC, but it's alsoo hurting my available space for items if keeping them. So, giving more space, plus the second point of my thought below would be a better option for players Getting more Evil Boss Fragment from unused loots could be a good motivation for player to participate WBE more than before That's it for the idea. Hope it can be useful for consideration in the future
  2. ...Nerd But it's pretty cool, I appreciate the efforts to write down the formulas Also if I may add thoughts, when talking about World Boss Events. Maybe you could add extra Cases for Belpo and Werewolf. They have Auto Guard, not sure which level used. But it's giving more to killing time, in case there's no Dispeller~
  3. There are reasons for warp restrictions to some maps. Either it's about preventing abuse, or other reasons since we're based on officials, and exceptions came from reasonable reasons (I think). i.e.: Reductions for accessing Thanatos Tower 3F and above, from 5 people into 2 people only And here's FYI about Biolabs and Splendide & Manuk Filds (in case you need them)
  4. uh uh, right, hope this topic can be considered for the future Would be lovely if can actively prohunting again with better motivations
  5. Interesting, I have three thoughts related to that too First, is adding one or two Cash Shop costumes for a good price + Limited Time only For example: Costume Mini Chocolate Hat that costs 110 Hunter Coins which would last for 60 days We'll need around 55 days (on average) to earn 110 coins from zero. So, 60 days should be good Second, is adding past Costume Wings (i.e.: Costume Wings of Uriel ) for 150~200 which would only last for 30 dayswith a random starting day decided by the GM Team With this way, certain players would consider to hoard 150~200 Hunter Coins for a surprising future Third, is adding Safe to 8 Armor/Weapon Certificate for 60~70 On average, we would need to do 10 days of Daily Quest to get one. With 60~70 Coins, it can be an alternative to get one aside from Daily Quest
  6. did test too, using Gust Bow [1]1733 + Arrow of Wind. still not working
  7. Hello I have a question about Masquerade Skills of Shadow Chasers in War of Emperium First, when casted on enemies, isit right that would be considered as Wrong Support Skill? Regarding to the first Q, so it would decrease the Fragments earning as well?
  8. @D e M o N haven't seen that one around aye @Everade thank you for reminding, it's been added @Hersheys would be cool too, but we don't have any costumes there right now 😕
  9. Hello!! This page is made for those who enjoy playing Ragnarok by making the good-looking characters Page contains the overview of costumes that exist in-game* *please see "Last Edited" details at the end of the post, so you won't get lost in time "Fashion is Power" A to Z of Available Costumes Spoiler Alert!: contains a LONG list of items The NPCs What do they have? Costume Shop Clerk Jhirsi Jhinsi More content will be added soon! Last Edited: 26 Jan 2019 - Added costumes of Battleground 23 Jan 2019 - Added Costume Shop Clerk info 22 Jan 2019 - Added costumes of WoE
  10. #20380 : Costume Mechanical Feather Hairband Was available before the Halloween updates, for a quite short period compared with others
  11. Bliz Beat itself ignores accuracy check. You can try using Blitz Beat skill (actively) on a target with 100 Perfect Dodge, or on a target with 95% Dodge Rate above. It will always successfully hit the target (I've tested it too) When talking about ignoring the accuracy check, then it's ONLY talking about target's Dodge Rate(%) [Dodge Formula] details below for an easier preview Besides that, you need to successfully hit the target using auto-attack to trigger the Auto-Blitz Beat (in this case, Perfect Dodge will be put in count) So, if there's no damage taken by the target, I don't think that there's way for Auto-Blitz Beat to be triggered Here's the result if you're curious In the end, I think there's something wrong about the Notes of Auto-Blitz Beat [here] that mentioned about "can be triggered even if the attack misses or is blocked", or there might be changes happened after the Notes written, who knows also Pneuma blocks every form of Ranged Physical Damage. So it won't trigger Auto-Blitz Beat under any kind of circumstances
  12. 750% compared to its original damage.. hmm, I see.. I understand now, thank you for the information How about adjusting it further until it reaches damage at least as high as (raw)Arrow Storm(without multipliers)? I'm not sure about the damage formula of each skills. But I tried with only a single Crimson Bow [2] the result were like: Arrow Storm (~59,000) > Sharp Shooting (~39,000) Sharp Shooting = Aimed Bolt (almost similar) Here's what I've been thinking about it: Sharp Shooting has longer after cast delay compared with Aimed Bolt which is more spam-able through certain build Me, personally, used Sharp Shooting for fighting high-flee enemies like dying-Timeholder, Naght Sieger, first-form of Morocc Necromancer, Red Faceworm Queen, etc. The first two mentioned are the most helpful part of Sharp Shooting in my Ranger's life So, the idea is like if adding more damage for it might be helpful while we're against high-flee monsters. And that's it about my thoughts, thank you~
  13. Hello Regarding to the updates of December 4th 2018 [ December Update thread ], the Sharp Shooting/Focused Arrow Strike skill wasn't working as it's supposed to be until now I'm referring to this line of the thread: I think that might be the cause I ran several tests for it, here's the result: Another additional thought that I can add is this: According to our Wiki, "Offensive skills do not take CRIT into account except for a few exceptions like Focused Arrow Strike." [source] That's it, for the report Thank you
  14. Hmm... I still don't get the idea, how come auto-cast skills could happen when your attack miss? Like Auto-Blitz beat? but applies only for Blitz Beat which ignores accuracy check should never miss even when hitting a high-flee target Warg Strike skill basically doesn't ignore accuracy check which would miss on high-flee target
  15. Hello I would like to ask if the World Boss Event timer at our homepage: https://www.gatheringro.ch/ can be fixed (it's around 1 hour earlier than in-game spawn time, some players were confused about it). Even though the timer at https://www.gatheringro.ch/index.php?module=bosses are fine already, it would be better if we can rely on the info at Homepage for spawn times too Thank you
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