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  1. seems that im pretty lucky to get 4 hard taming quest in 1 day first sohee , second sohee again , third 3 sohee + 1 evil nymph , fourth succubs !!!!
  2. it is kinda hard to tame this succubus as the dropping rate of the taming item "boy's pure heart" is 0.5% , and the monster existance is pretty low "max in the map" so u may spend the whole day trying to get it , and even if u got 1 it may not success in taming so it would be great if u removed it from the daily quest ! thanks in advance
  3. yeah it is amazing , i was hoping to find sponge bob, however , i got mad when i saw his bestfriend patric 😂
  4. what the hell 🤣😂 anyone tell Nemo's father that i found his son 🤣
  5. does that mean that i should collect the 9 and exchange them together? or can i exchange them one by one?
  6. a strange quest added to me with strange letters !! what is that thing? knowing that i updated the kRO
  7. won't be better if the arrows be either not consumable or with zero weight? as ranger basically deppending on arros and he must carry all kinds of arrows in the same time for many reasons >>>PVP , ET and WOE from my experiment inside the game , u can carry 1000 arrow from 4 diff types , and 40 quiver and thats so good , but the weight will be almost 85% (without any potions or ygg berries) so if u was alooting something from ET it will give u 90% weight while fighting , so u should drop one of these things to complete the fight >> arrows , quiver or the item u r alooting 😂 for this reason im asking to make the arrows either not consumable or with zero weight thanks in advance
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