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  1. ah i see, that's why buwaya is so op. it can 1 hit a rg class lol
  2. help me to finish the quest. i already have the: book of void 20pcs of cosmic powder 100pcs of illusion flower 200pcs of obsidian fragments when im talking tot the mysterious guy and then proceed to closet, it only took the panties.
  3. B>DexBoots[EA4+HE]=1.5b WW=4b S.LK/Thana=2.5b Sealed Bapho= 800m Pm/Mail me in game, ign: Unknown User
  4. unknownuser


    seems the character switch is not working for me, and also the wings for summoner is not showing too.
  5. werewolf=Amdarais+1b or Buwaya+1b or 3b, Invisible manteau and tipsy= Costumes/Mvps
  6. D e M o N and Gatcha, sankyuuu
  7. demon, how to get the Gigantic or the Giant Bow?
  8. also check the Howling mine and granade, i feel that those skills are not working properly as well. thanks
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