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  1. I guess your decision... but wasn't werewolf card adjusted because it was weak (added +20 n.resist)? Now you are adjusting it again and making it again as lame as it was before? Now its just worse Tao... Around a week ago I just bought werewolf and now I can basically throw it on the ground.
  2. Hello, I was constantly redirected to a suggestion forum so here I go. 1. Thanatos floor 3 warp - I believe there is lot of people that complained about not being able to get to 3rd floor of thanatos tower just because you need 5 ppl in party to get there to the 3rd floor, the quest itself (beside entrance to the 3rd floor) doesnt need a 5 man party so it should be that hard to atleast add warper to 3rd floor. 2. Ghost Palace - this instance is supposed to be done by 120 levels... You cant join with party so only thing you can do is solo it. Mobs are too strong for it to be even worth running it 10 times to get 1 weapon for it. Weapons arent really that great for it to have this much pain. (more annoying than painful tbf) - maybe try to lower stats of a monsters its actually funny when these monsters have more HP than some bosses. Also the "boss" at 4th floor has also so much HP. - or make it party instance which will be much harder to do and not even a good idea from my pov. 3. Bloody Branches - add some bloody branches for exchange coupons? It would be nice and if you make them tradeable economy on the server can progress more and more. Since it is against your rules to make more account to benefit from anything it shouldnt cause much trouble I believe. 4. Healing item in instances Now, this one is suggestion and feedback together, coz I actually like no healing items in instances, even tho I dont think its that good because mobs are too strong, but whatever. What about add some custom healing items, that you can actually use in instances for some quests or something and make them "little bit harder" to get. So you need to work for them. Maybe as a reward to adventure guild quests? What are the thoughts on this? thanks for reply
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