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  1. Yes that's true, i had problems with it too. +1
  2. Hello gacha I'm agree with you, +1!
  3. Yes true, that was rude. By the way, thank you for the comment, and i'm agree maybe our gm team don't should have this work. I just do not find it that hard to get the site to run the program just the people who are on the woe map, it was just a suggestion, i don't know why so many drama, omg, anyway, i'm tired, of this all.
  4. Ah thanks for the information, always good to hear the opinion of who does not even play woe.
  5. Haha, nice joke, but you think fair?
  6. Hellow Everyone! How are you guys? I'm here to talk about a stuff,it is at least for me me,annoying , i guess, you, who are reading this topic, already played woe, and gone check your rank, at the website from Gathering: "https://www.gatheringro.ch/?module=ranking&action=woe&jobclass=", isn't annoying, when you play woe, and who don't did nothing and DON'T ENTER in the map, get a good rank, and you who tryed your best, no? For exemple: This woe, we don't have much of this problem, one of the reasons is, i died alot(i'm merlith if u go check), and the most of the players who played versus Peenoise, get alot of kills. But we got some exemples for this woe. But you can say, what the problem if they don't get kills,death, damage, or same damage recieved, if they was on the map, want to know the fun? They wasn't since the woe those, was selling stuffs on market, if u go for the, market u can check that, my print screen isn't for the same moment from the woe, but u can get a idea, by the way, if you go for the own classes, like, ranger, or something, u can check other players, about wasn't on market. Here Follow some prints from the market: Well anyway, thanks for the attention, and please think about it.
  7. Hello everyone =D May I suggest that this item give full maya purple effect? it's such a tease if only a chance hehehe But to counter the mayap effect, remove the ATK and MATK+2% and 2% reducs and also make the weight 300 and make the emp frag cost 900 and make it also character bound. This way it won't be overpowered and even if there's mayap full effect it will have disadvantage too so it's not that easy. More weight so you have to decide if that additional weight will make you go 70% overweight and you lose your HP and SP recovery. Maybe you can mix match whichever from those disadvantages you want, it doesn't have to be all of those, to have as a cost for full mayaP effect. Thanks for the attention! ❤️
  8. @Everade I'm confused, my suggestion being approved? The thread derailed into talks about whitesmith buffs in madogear. My suggestion is, just make mechanics in madogear able to use skills from equipment or cards. It's that beeing accepted or?
  9. @Everade Source came from mechanics in the game like my friend Janvierra. He noticed that up until around a month ago he can no longer use active skills (not autocast) from equips/cards like before if he's in a Madogear. This was the point of my suggestion, to enable those in Madogear to be able to use skills from equips/cards again please I was able to find a more official source for the Whitesmith buffs, that before the update, can't be casted while in Madogear but it's not kRO>> https://irowiki.org/wiki/Madogear But the Whitesmith buffs working or not working while on Madogear isn't my topic. My suggestion is to simply enable Mechanics to use skills from equips/cards while they're in Madogear, just like before ❤️ Thanks for the attention!
  10. HM i think u are talking about the char delete post, yes noted already!
  11. he did? o.o, that's great! ty
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