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  1. Thanks Thanks Updated, and thanks again for pointing it out
  2. INSTANCES 101 From Zero To Hero 1. Getting Started Before going in to instance, you need to be in party with minimum 2-people party (some instances may allow you to 1-people party). You can use shortcut alt + z in-game. After you created party, or get invited into party, you might want to change your chat filter into party chat. So, even if you don't know where to go and get separated, or dead inside instance, other party member can pick you up and/or resurrect you. If you looking for party or need party member, you can visit here. After party created and everything else prepared, you can just ask warp agent in your town to get you warped to entrance of instance (for althea > @warp althea 163 225) 2. Job to Use For new player, quite recommended to use ranger or archbishop when going instance. s On the side note, after your gear and your party ready to start going instance, you will need Luxury and Pimp Hat , even if your class is not archbishop. Archbishop will need this the most for increase their healing skill, and for other class, this hat is very useful because you can use level 4 resurrection to resurrect other party member in case they dead. In any case, avoid to wear armor with evil druid card, because it can make you an undead, and can't be resurrected. Don't forget to prepare lot of blue gemstone as well. 3. Instance So, you think you ready to challenge instance? The answer is no. Better fully prepared than dying inside instance. Now you need mercenaries for defending you when monster spotted. You can find Mercenary Service npc at [Althea 152 201]. Gear? ✔ party? ✔ luxury/pimp hat? ✔ mercenary? ✔. Everything ready, now lets get started! ⌾Perfect place for newbie to hunt MVP, Central Laboratory!!!! [@warp verus01 150 150] ⌾Another instance filled with monster and MVP waiting for you, Endless Tower!!!! Before going to the main topic, Endless Tower is 1 of few Instances that has been chosen to become target of Pro Hunter from Hunter Association. There are more in this guide, so stay tuned! For more information about Hunter Association, you can visit here. Now you might want to upgrade your equipment to better 1, let's check the following instance!!! ⌾Part 1, Old Glast Heim!!!! In this instance, you can farm temporal crystal [@aloot item 6607] and coagulated spell [@aloot item 6608] for this awesome temporal boots. Now let's get started. ⌾Part 2, Faceworm's Nest!!!! In this instance you can farm Gigant Snake Skin with various enchant, faster the completion, the better enchant you will get. This equip is good combo when you use temporal boots from old glast heim, you get bonus max hp+15% and max sp+5%. Let's start! Now i hope you're ready for whats coming next! The following instances are intermediate / moderate difficulty. Get prepared! ⌾Octopus Cave!!!! Octopus Cave is a dungeon instance located in Malangdo. It is home to the Giant Octopus, whom the Starfish have a major grudge against. The Starfish seeking for help from you, Adventurer and Pro Hunter from Hunter Association to subjugate it. Now, before moving on, i hope you already registered as Pro Hunter and can access the Pro Hunter Market [located at @go adv] Lets get back to main topic at hand! ⌾Buwaya Cave!!!! There is a rumor going on at Malaya Port about the discovery of treasure at cave near Malaya. People at Malaya seeking help from Adventurer and Pro Hunter to discover the treasure and subjugate the monster that guarding it. Now, the final 3 instances! The following instance is on hard difficulty and you will need help from experienced adventurer. Be prepared! ⌾Sealed Shrine!!!! Citizen of Prontera looking for your help, Adventurer and Pro Hunter, because there is rumor about revival of Great Demon Baphomet around Prontera. ⌾The Last Room!!!! Dangerous experiment happened at Verus, and now a squad of Adventurer asking you, fellow Adventurer and Pro Hunter, to help them uncover the experiment and discover the hidden passageways under the safety bunker. ⌾Horror Toy Factory!!!! Mysterious doll get possessed by evil mind! Villager of Lutie seeking for you, Adventurer and Pro Hunter to purify the abandoned toy factory and subjugate the phantom! And that is all content of my guide, hope this guide will be useful for new player, and mostly all player can use this as well when going instance. Thanks for reading this guide! CHEERS!!! Special thanks to: Thanks and credits for their awesome guide: Uploaded at 09/03/2018 1st edit at 09/04/2018 2nd edit at 09/05/2018 3rd edit at 09/07/2018
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