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  1. dannyphantomz

    Letter To Santa 2018

  2. dannyphantomz


    Looking for a party for PHQ/Instances! hmu! ☺️ ign: Sunikka (Ranger)
  3. dannyphantomz

    Piano Keys Quest Bug

    Thank you!
  4. dannyphantomz

    Piano Keys Quest Bug

    I see, thanks for the notice. How will we know of the release? Will it be mentioned in the patch notes?
  5. dannyphantomz

    Piano Keys Quest Bug

    I walked up and down the room and onto the chair multiple times but nothing triggers
  6. dannyphantomz

    Piano Keys Quest Bug

    Hi guys, I would like to report a bug that I came across midway through the quest. After collecting all 6 of the piano keys I'm stuck at the part to insert the keys into the piano i.e. the prompt doesn't trigger. I've tried walking around the room and spam clicking the speech bubbles all around the chair but nothing seems to work. I've been trying for 2 days now halppp... Any help would be appreciated, thank you!!!☺️
  7. dannyphantomz

    Piano Keys Quest

    helppppp i've been clicking for almost an hour now 😭
  8. dannyphantomz

    Pro Hunter (Intelligence Exam)

    Thanks for the help Nat!
  9. dannyphantomz

    Pro Hunter (Intelligence Exam)

    Hi could I have some help with Kurapika too? I've been trying for a couple of hours without success Thanks in advance IGN: Sunikka