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  1. @Kazalus are you Santa? coz you just gave me a Christmas miracle. Thank you so much
  2. Hello, Kinda got myself in to a pickle. I was trying to warp to gld_dun04 in order to kill some mobs. I also now know that I cant warp to that map either. But i accidentally typed in @warp gld_dun05 and it teleported me. Shortly afterwards, my client minimized and gave me the pop up messages below before the client closes itself. Now every time i login with my ranger (IGN: Arcum), it gives me the pop messages below and it closes the client before i can do anything. Please help me 😱😭
  3. Hello Everyone, I am trying to lvl my homunculus but it doesn't seem to auto aggro even when the mobs are aggressive. I've tried downloading Azzy AI to see if that would work, but that doesnt either. Anyone could advise me on this?
  4. Can someone help me with this as well. Kind of struggling on it. IGN: Mysterious Mystery
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