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  1. When I used a skill Enchant Blade + full rune buff + Berserk on my Rune Knight, I can still break any emperium despite of having 2 castles. But it takes a lot of time. I think this one is a bug or am I missing an information about WOE?
  2. About accessing Manuk and SPL fields, Cat Hand Services is the fastest I guess.
  3. D e e m o

    Hmmm ?

    There's a lot of fire pillars (or whatever it calls) in thor_v03 map. I don't think that this one is not some sort of problem, but it just weird for me. LOL
  4. It turns out buffing an enemy, so it counts as wrong support I guess.
  5. I've experienced this crashed too. So everytime I join in the geffen tournament, I had to ignore those side quest and head for registration instead.
  6. S> Costume Fire Muffler Got it from event XD
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