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  1. We've got a mermaid party over here, found on my rounds searching for Buwaya in Althea Next up we trying to fish up a big ol AMDARAIS 23% HP REACH by Old Glastheim
  2. So my friend Ace just brought an iRO link to me, which states this only works 7-9pm Server Time. This is stated nowhere in the gRO guides, and isn't in my quest log. I'm glad the main issue has been solved, but please edit the gRO guide to state this 7-9pm clause, to not shift an ambiguous "tomorrow night" message for the player to interpret. Furthermore, I'm in a forgiving time zone in correlation to the server time. If all a player gets is 7-9pm server time - only two hours - in order to complete this gateway quest, I believe it is unfair to those not living in a fortunate time zone. The 23 hour wait period as stated in the guide is fair for all players, and leaves little ambiguity. Consistency within the guides for the game and the content itself would be appreciated so others wouldn't have to go through a similar situation.
  3. I'm currently trying to complete the Sign Quest, and I have encountered two bugs. Firstly, I have no updates in my Quest log nor any evidence of the quest, despite getting to my point as far now, which is Part 1 - Step 13 via GRO Guide. - https://www.gatheringro.ch/wiki/Sign_Quest - 1.13 is the payment of 30,000 zeny to Dearles, and then, via the GRO guide, a waiting period of at least 23 hours. It has been 48 hours since I paid the 30,000 Zeny, and yet, I continue to get this message. As I have no indicator in my quest log (shown in attachments), I have no time frame from which to judge when to talk to Dearles. I spoke to him roughly 23 hours after completion, as well as 36, and now 48 hours. I have indeed started this quest, and have had no other problems with timing or completion of the quest, so I am at a loss until more information comes across. I have retraced all steps to see if I missed something, but even from the start, my quest log has never been updated with this Sign Quest. The fact this quest has never been in my log has been worrisome since the beginning of this quest, and I fear that I will not be able to complete this quest. Any assistance would be appreciated.
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