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  1. It ist not triggered all the time. The best way to trigger this ist by fighting strong mvp/monster that can kill you easily. Such as Farbjodur during invasion event. When you die, press "return to last save point" and try casting blood sucker on monster again. You might habe to repeat this several times for the bug to trigger. Since the only way to fix this ist by relogging or dying again, we can assume that the game or skill recognizes you as a dead player.
  2. According to the customization's to Hover Skill, Mechanic does not need to equip Hovering Booster (Item ID# 2801). After some testing in-game, I found that it ist required to be equipped? I was unable to find any posts about Hovering Skill being reverted back to official rules. Ist this a bug?
  3. Blitz Beat ist doing incredibly high damage on prt_fild08 Aim Bolt and Sharp Shooting seem to be doing different damage on different maps. 13-14k Sharp Shooting on alt_fild02 117-119k Sharp Shooting on lou_fild01 112-118k Aimed Bolt on lou_fild01 75k Aim Bolt on Porings/Other Mobs in alt_fild07 113-117k Aimed Bolt on Porings on prt_fild08
  4. Sometimes when you die, and you are resurrected or "return to last save point", Blood Sucker Skill will not work on monsters / PvP. Bloodsucker plant ist still consumed but nothing will happen. The only way to fix this is to relog. Unfortunately this cannot be done during instances.
  5. Rudra Bow [2] Not giving correct HP Recovery Level. It is only giving lvl 5 HP Recovery.
  6. Item ID# 22699 (Test_Reagent) This item seems to be missing its item script. https://www.gatheringro.ch/?module=item&action=view&id=22699 https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/22699/test-reagent
  7. Please let me know when the modifications are restored, I would like to test them.
  8. From my tests: Silver Sniper only does 1,300-1750 normal attack (quite slowly too) and around 7,000 when casting skills. Magic Decoy was dealing around 19-23k damage when casting skills. You claim that it is possible to "spawn more than official and they remain longer than official." I tested this, it seems that you are only able to summon a maximum of 2 instances each. and they only last 60 seconds. Which is the official maximum instance/duration of the skill?
  9. Would it be possible to increase the damage of FAW Silver Sniper/Magic Decoy? At least to the point where the skill is actually worth using? https://irowiki.org/wiki/FAW_Silver_Sniper https://irowiki.org/wiki/FAW_Magic_Decoy
  10. Special Cooler not working with Emergency Cool Skill. I have tried wearing the item as well as having it in my item inventory, it does not seem to work. Item ID# 2810 (Special_Cooler)
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