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  1. It's already being monitored and will be fixed ASAP.
  2. It should drop, just kill more crystals. I'm not sure about the % drop but I think its 5-10%. The mining script gives you the ore when you kill crystals that's why you can't see the ores on @mi.
  3. How? We already removed the orc face function on our healer and if you get it from monsters, it's normal.
  4. This is caused by a bug from the recent breeder npc that allows you to hire a falcon when you're with a warg. The npc has been fixed. I'll deal those characters later as soon as Everade goes online.
  5. If your weight is 50% then you should receive the item properly unless your inventory is full it should drop on the ground. What's this "error" you mention all about? Edit: Just found out that the Ring of the Wise King does not show up properly in game. There should be an "Unknown Item" on your inventory and that's the ring. Just carry the item and you're good to continue your quest.
  6. Brace yourselves...

  7. Take note that each mp3 on the BGM folder plays on specific areas/maps. For example, 01 mp3 only plays on the login screen. Here's an old guide of mine on changer your BGM to your own music. http://www.gatheringro.ch/_forum/index.php?showtopic=26982
  8. You can hire a level 9 mercenary and level at thor_v03 using its Bowling Bash skill.
  9. Will check this problem.
  10. Yes it's the old client. You can download it and start ahead if you really want to play but it'll not work after the scheduled maintenance at August 10.
  11. This was already implemented on our rA test server.
  12. Hey guys check out our "I Was Your Man" by bruno mars cover. :D

    1. Mirri


      gvsrgsgs so nice! GJ GJ GJ to both of you!

    2. Punch


      good one!

    3. xMiland
  13. - Improved ring doesnt have its .spr and .act file. (No problems with kroption.lub).
  14. Yeap. When you click it the client crashes. Need to get rid of those.
  15. @command suggestions for testers: I'm trying to discover new headgears from the latest renewal database from RMS, unfortunately not all are actually working. @itemreset - so we can get rid items that has no sprites. I currently have 1 which is abacus in mouth but can't find a way to remove it since clicking it will immediately crash the client. @itemlist - so we can view the item ids of our items on our inventory.
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