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  1. So like yeah i'm off for good cause i change my password to something i won't remember but everybody bai and omg i have alot of people i'll miss n love so like yeah~ No comment on that xD have fun people on gro
  2. Bai my sexii brotha~ i r quiting forums

  3. i will iLy~ *tackle hugs* i just change it nao~

  4. so like on what blackoutro? or msn? msn i say if i r on ninja mode and i'll be on if i r on ninja mode and not saying anything back that means i signed off and forgot to switch it n yeah~

  5. Yup yup i'm doing it nao i'm switching around everything so yeah~

  6. *Breaks arm for breaking my rules* also i'm gonna quit forums so once all my about me is gone i quited~

  7. Well hey there sexy~

    I'm gonna quit forums sooo yeah i probably won't reply cause i'm gonna change my password to something hellaaaaaa random

  8. aww my lovable pook does nothing but i'm about to quit forums tooo and to make sure i dun come back i'm gonna change my password to something random/don't remember

  9. *poke poke poke poke poke poke poke* anddddddddddddddddddddddddd

    *loveable poke*

  10. *kisses* miss you too~

  11. I gots magic fingers to get these awesome pics :D *cough timer for webcam cough cough*

  12. Heh your not dumb don't say that~ xD and i'll help you out with blackout ro i'm still tryna to get use to it cause its like really different from gro n what not and i added you but you have to add me :P for it to show on your page if thats what your tryna to do the add button is right under the picture of that girl from bleach you have (forgot her name) but yeah ^-^

  13. Lol you can call me i'll sit by the phone so i can answer it quick~ cause i'm like super fast ^-^

  14. Bahhh sorry for taking foreber <3

  15. Do you want too call again?

  16. -poke poke- chi took my spot that bastard lol jk jk he bettah take care of you~

  17. ewwie my voice is ugly ;-;

  18. ohhh lol maybe cause i was talking really low i was wondering why you hung up so quickly i didn't even get to say i love you~

  19. so like yah it works but that was a test n what not but call me tomorrow but not at this time like 4 hours early my grandma gets hella mad when people call this late~

  20. Dun scream o.o i'll get scared n what not and hide in my closet and what not ohh try to give a call right now if you want before i go to sleep

  21. Nuh cellphone so i can't call yah~ wish i could you can call me somtime ^-^ if you wanna try babe i'll give you my number in a msg

  22. Idk cause i don't like gro much no more i've donated and then the wipe happen and i lose all my stuff and i dun wanna donate again -_-" all my friends stop playing and what not so there is alot a reason why i don't play i play on a different server though if you wanna join~ its black.........out.......ro~ so yeah xD

  23. I've missed you alot too i might not be on much after a month or so cause work then i'm gonna be like uber busy so i'm gonna try to get on as much as possible ohhh and you might love n miss me but you dun love n miss me like i love and miss you /emoticons/default_sleep.png" alt="-_-" srcset="/emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />" but love~ i'm getting off cause uber tiredness i gots stuff

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