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  1. Brad balik k na! balik na HR eh! ^^

  2. Luce

    rofl tnx for d comment.. haha sori for d l8 coment :D haha did u alrdy quited gro?? or u stil playing??

  3. hart

    luce...hawt guy lol <3

  4. WTF> wala na GRO? korni naman nyan. sayang mga donors.

  5. bye n tol quiting n den ako T.T

    mg wiwipe n daw kc paalam tol T.T

  6. na banned ako

  7. waw nice guide tnx *gonna make my own ninja scroll*
  8. luls wat? :D hahahaha lol on the porno boy comment anyway just passing by :P

  9. luce the porno boy.. aahahahaha

  10. Happy Birthday~

  11. Lappy Lirthday Luls!

    I mean Luce! xD

    Stay rockin' dude.

  12. lol well happy bday soon man have fun with the gtb hahaaha

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