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  1. Brad balik k na! balik na HR eh! ^^

  2. Luce

    rofl tnx for d comment.. haha sori for d l8 coment :D haha did u alrdy quited gro?? or u stil playing??

  3. hart

    luce...hawt guy lol <3

  4. WTF> wala na GRO? korni naman nyan. sayang mga donors.

  5. bye n tol quiting n den ako T.T

    mg wiwipe n daw kc paalam tol T.T

  6. na banned ako

  7. Luce

    Valkyrie Helm Quest

    Nice guide
  8. Luce

    Final Strike Ninja

    nice guide
  9. Luce

    NiNjA's ScrOlL Quest!

    waw nice guide tnx *gonna make my own ninja scroll*
  10. luls wat? :D hahahaha lol on the porno boy comment anyway just passing by :P

  11. luce the porno boy.. aahahahaha

  12. Happy Birthday~

  13. Lappy Lirthday Luls!

    I mean Luce! xD

    Stay rockin' dude.