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  1. anything new wit yu guys here?

  2. yay indeed :)

  3. banned? really? im happy that yur ass got wat it deserves but also sad because yur my bro :P

  4. i got exams soon, but after the exams ill rejoin. promise

  5. ah, im still tryin to make that choice. I might come back and on the other hand, I might not.

  6. Hey bud, long time no see :)

  7. hey there, budd. missed ya yu lil fruitcake <3

  8. Cinji

    i had one like a week before the wipe and then on the day of the wipe, i had 7 or 9 but now they're all gone :(

  9. thx ;) and i miss ya.. took a break from RO for like a month or so cuz i got a lot of shytt goin on at school, but i might be back soon. anyways, i hope yerr enjoying yur job as a GM :) ttyl tama~

  10. Tama!! how ever did I overcome not seeing yu for so long?? (I forgots O.O, oopsies, sorry) Well, here i am saying hi!!

  11. Alexa, wat are yu smokin now??

    high on life again, huhh?

  12. wtf? O.o you look exactly like Chidori..

  13. wtf? chi? wow a lot has changed since last time..

  14. thank you, hon ^_^

  15. i like yur drawing ^^

  16. Cinji

    hell ya i kno, lol, i got a gf so its... VERY busy, if ya kno wat i mean, bro. neways, ye, it true that yu havent been on much, so im not the only one to be blamed here, lol. add my new msn if yu wanna [email protected]

  17. Cinji

    wow... people are stupid? Sidi, dont listen to these fags, yu're just a child yu shouldnt be fcking around with these... 'people'. let me do it for yu, lol, i am ur older bro anyway ^^. anyway, hope i get to see yu at some point again, huh? if yu wanna, ask doris about my server, and i'll be glad to go online for yu there or here at gRO.


  19. TAMA CHAMA, how's yu no more? =3

  20. *hugs* i sound like im 17 or 18 but im like yunger than yu... xD

    iLu still!!!

  21. Lol, HIGH FIVE!!!

  22. hey loozerr. iLu ^_^

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