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  1. dude, yu're like my friend kenny on his first day of skool. i walk up to him, i go like "hey ni--ew kid." xDDDDD i so pwnt his ass. gym class is a fucking pain in the ass in highschool, we run too much D=

  2. *slaps* Sexii whoar, I miss yu!!! i shall quote Reiben now "have fun at sex xD," Yeah, good times. COME BACK BISH!! <3

  3. lol, I agree with Panda and let's knock on wood xD *knocks on wood* hope you liked highschool. I've started it like same day as yu and im as popular and hell, every hall i walk into, i see some kid saying hi to me... i kno, they all would be thinking like... fork... oh ya, yu're hawt i want yurr baibees!!! Lol, have fun at highschool and if anybody make fun of yu, tell me,

  4. Lol, yu just keep getting banned, when's the death of fork evurr gon stop??

  5. kuya!!! *sticks papurr bomb on yur back* HUZZAH!! miss kicking yur arse in PvP!!!!!!

  6. 1, yu'se a whoar =3

    2, I rrr tallur

    3, iLu


  7. Gee, I wonder who taught yu that in the worst times I... I mean people look after yu? xP iLu sweety ^_^

  8. Cinji wonders... by Chi... does yu mean chidori of the mist? O.o or Chi as in Purple Eye [or as I call him "gay eye"]?

  9. yu doesnt go on MSN much moar... HIGHSCHOOL SUCKS!! D=

  10. I r waiting for yu... yu'se offline TT_TT

  11. Allah u akbar? /swt

  12. Yep, thought so =D

  13. Lol, nice siggy, Lollipop remix, ryte? I cant remember right, my mind is jungled right now. =\

    neways, Hii

  14. Mhm *highfive*

  15. Hi Hoeda =P

    I miss yuh, better keep yur ass in gRO for me xD

  16. ^_^ *hugs backk* =D
  17. aww /hugs chuu, get better soon if you get sick at all ^^

  18. Good, good and j00h?? =DDD

  19. Welcome to GatheringRO.

  20. yay *hugss*

  21. *shoots Ryan* BAD! yu're gonna scare Lil Big Patchy.. D=

    Go re-revive as person D=

  22. You're on my list twice. ^^ and yus I see mysulf on yurs ^^ *hugs Patchy* iLu Patchurr <333

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