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  1. Looool.. TJ? O.o

  2. I might randomly be in on this this weekend too, who knows. P: Pooof~
  3. Slowly getting things back together... Will see me around more soon. ovo; aw yis.

  4. Hurt my knuckle pretty bad.. It feels weird to type. Like My finger will fall off. LOL

  5. I finally get a time to relax from work soon. I missed you guys.

  6. Work is trying to kill me.

    1. Nazue


      watch out... it is sneeking around u ;D *just kidding* but honestly, drink some tea and relax~

  7. Mangos

    Funny Pictures

    I just... HAD to share this one:
  8. Welcome to GatheringRO ~ <3
  9. Can barely stay awake these days...

  10. I'm sorry but I think my brain just exploded:

    1. key


      That is downright awesome O:!

    2. luna



  11. I don't feel so good... Stomach ache. T__T

  12. Yaaay<33 Zieee <3333

  13. Mangos

    Zue's Art

    Your work is pretty cute! Keep it up. I really like the RO edits also the Bleach ones. (:
  14. Mangos

    Jello's Gallery

    I edited it and it got deleted and everything turned into text.. -__- so I gotta redo it edit// I fixed it so it's back now. Hopefully I can update it soon.
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