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  1. wormie

    Memperkenalkanlah Diri Anda KAT sini!

    satu dua tiga empat lima enam tujuh sembilan sepuluh.
  2. ........................

  3. wtf, what a sudden? My last login to forum was like 98327429347 months ago till i got Msg alert in my email.. -.- Im inac.. so do in game.. cheers :D

  4. wormie

    Teh Pallies Guide xD

    Doris, think ya in the wrong session, this guide is for pure sac pally >_> For shield chain pally, u can ask someone *cough*whosgoodatit*cough*likeme*cough* My msn is kinda 7-11, right xD Anyway, this is a good basic guide for sac-ing pallies
  5. wormie~ where's your wormie~ /gg

  6. add me in msn!! then lemme kao u !!! MUAHAHA !!

  7. you ugly @[email protected] stupid worm -sucker punch-

  8. wormie

    Kirimlah Gambar Gambar Kat sini

    @Doris Aku bukan dlm train.. dalam bus.. nampak ader seorang mamak belakang I ? xD Dier paiseh la aku amik gambar.. Kena dier beeraper kali
  9. wormie

    Kirimlah Gambar Gambar Kat sini

    KENARI!! Okie nih gambar terbaru aku, just took it.. 10mins ago saja.. Baru gunting rambut neh~ muehehe!!
  10. You are 3 years old..?.. uuhhhuhhhh