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  1. Im suggesting to have a disenchanter for Gliepnir.. if you have gliep and wanting to trade the god ingre's it Requires Making the Meg and do the god Seals, then disenchant it just to revert it back to its original Raw ingredients and that is too much of a hustle. or allow those who have Gliepnir to revert it back to its raw ingredients. (like giving a deadline)
  2. ehr! I dont know much about RK's....but one thing on RK I want the most...and that's the Sprite Update! HAHAHAH
  3. I must add, that Harmonize also, is like a double edge sword, it affects both the caster and the target... the minstrel gets the harmonize buff too, and loses the other buff such as windmill,but one thing I dunno, if the minstrel cast it to multiple targets, will it remove the Harmonize buff from the first target? so is it a 2 way debuff?
  4. its because its acquired from ANUBIS monster the mora vendor covers only the shoes and garment of the said set
  5. From that Point Gelo, I dont seem to recall an instance where I could regenerate SP after leaving Bloodlust area. But I think on a certain case like WL Sorce or other jobs with SP passive regeneration on SKILL tree , then SP would regen. but overall You cant just regenerate it. and Siss, I totally agree on your note that its official and it doesn't mean we cant do anything about it, that's the point why we are talking here anyway, suggestion of a solution. my solution would be either of which, after leaving bloodlust just like Gelo said, makes it Able to regenerate sp, or just removing the 5 mins waiting time of after Berserk effect only if possible, adding to this, making it not castable under the target like chaos panic, but if its not possible, the old effect of bloodlust is actually Provoke effect, but I doubt ppl would agree to revert it back to that.
  6. I guess I'll have to comment on this. First, I did asked this before when I first encountered it, and it did make it difficult to deal with SC's But, when they said its Official, then I have to accept it. so all do have their points, and yes from my POV it is rather OP. but it was said to be official. But as you guys said, making it not allowed to be put under you should be considered as a solution, but if the official update says so, we cant do anything about it. Bottom line, what makes it diffirent on our server is that, we CANNOT USE pots or berry on WOE and PVP hells box, hence making it difficult to adopt the official update for that bloodlust. I believe it requires Changing it a bit, as a custom change.
  7. yeah, there's a case where I tried to 1vs1 a guardian, my skills wont seem to hit it, but normal attacks does, and I failed to kill it coz I almost got killed and decided to leave it be XD
  8. I dunno if thats really the case, if it vanishes with you doing nothing. then there's something wrong. But if the case is you wear costume, then switch your headgears then you change into wearing a symbol, you can see you are still in costume, but if you have dual, you'd noticed that you wear your headgears and not the costume itself. Same goes if you go character select right? but this time you can see your headgear too and not the costume, unless maybe you didn't change a thing on your headgear while wearing the costume then go character select, it will make you till see your costume.
  9. any particulars on the bug or OP items that we are not aware of?
  10. Map server down.. when the action finally gets fired up XD

    1. OLOKin


      hahahah.. the return of the cumback

  11. I found shield spell, heals larger amount of HP than before, I tested it with a +9 shield Imperial shield, It can heal up to maybe 1/4 of its HP, RG has strong offensive skills, but not to mention their tanking abilities, but for it to heal that much using SHield spell, I think thats too much. I'd say nerf the healing capabilites of Shield spell (shield spell level 3)
  12. You can get them by many means, some quests does give bloody branch in random, there's Vote Shop, get enough points and buy the bloody branch. you can also have a luck on getting it from event surprise box, which you can win on monster invasion event.
  13. atm the best solution is to use an alternative dagger other than Main gauche
  14. you are killing the wrong monster, the one that drops it is the "Switft Zombie Slaughter" the one which summons 2 zombie slaughter minions. and yeah 10% drop rate and only 2 in the map XD come and talk to me ingame I might be able to help you further.
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