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  1. Cool i just learned something new. :3 well for me. Lol. imma try this latur~
  2. Sorry its been ages since i updated this xD how's it going guys? i just came back C: and i sort of updated it and tested it out. Hope it works well now for you guys
  3. Awesome guide especially for the ones who just came back like me :3
  4. might thinking of coming back as a nib. o-e hai strangers~ C:

  5. Grace!!!!! :D nmisz kta ah! add mko sa fb!

  6. Preia

    lol.. stil playing? :P how is u?

  7. Toy

    aba naligaw ahhehe

  8. eowww... :D

    its been a long long time.. lol

    nag ool ka pa?

  9. Uyy! musta na? late rep :P la kmeng net for 2 months.. nkkigamit ln ako ngayon eh D: nakooo immarry ko ulet un char nten pg nka online akooooo!! npaniginipan ko un char mo twice na ^^ nmiss n kta eh! bsta ang weird nun hehe :P kwento ko sau pg ngkita tau ;3

  10. ooo thankies for the guides xDD

  11. DIVORCE.. >=]

    lol.. ngaun qo lng nkita un.. amfness.

  12. mwahaha >:3 pnakasal ko un killua zaoldyeck ko ky Preia mu!! ^_^ engage n tau!!!!!!!

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