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  1. I'm an American Airman

  2. Another addition on Battle guide. DONT DUEL AGAINST GENETICS BECAUSE YOURE 100% F*CKED hahahah
  3. Name: Rainier Class: RK imma do it for the lulz Actually, imma do it for the ratchets
  4. I was wondering. For the next patch can we enchant Opera Masque too since its mid and lower, and masks (alarm and Mr.Smile) so everyone could be different x). For Opera Masque it will just be a mid gear with slot for mask's it would be both mid and lower but slotted just a suggestion, so dont start trolling *ehrm
  5. Hey i just met you -.-

    1. stunnaray


      and this is crazy

    2. eliteheart21


      and heres my number :P load me 30 xD

  6. ^^ that's not nice. she was just trying to help. btw how come i dont receive the bonus HP from Loli Ruri?
  7. #NP Somethin Somethin - maxwell ;D

  8. PC on mah sexy body X) btw PC on Imp ring,devi,phree,and incan thanks
  9. That's not nice lol. please You're already ugly and yet you act very ugly lol

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. stunnaray


      How am I being a hypocrite if like what you said you see no one talking bad about me lol.

    3. Kenzie Riann

      Kenzie Riann

      You hate people who are vain and act ugly, yet you're being vain and acting ugly...hmm...

    4. stunnaray


      how am i acting ugly? :D im just saying did you hear me talking smack if you read my status im saying ugly people shouldnt act ugly chuz thats 2x worse x) im not talking smack, im talking fact :D


  11. how about agi crit type rk lololol
  12. HAHA let me ask you. why you so fat? and delusional? no guys like you lol\

  13. HAHA let me ask you. why you so fat? and delusional? no guys like you lol\

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