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  1. you might not know this but I'm kind of a big deal

  2. And then i walked through the doors to find no one i could recognize

  3. can anyone translate e un pie en un saco

    1. Narcissus


      and a foot in a sack @[email protected] ?

    2. Zelandia


      i dont even need a translator to know what i means XD (no i dont speak that language)

  4. i dont know why i bother visiting this server anymore

  5. can you explain what each part does.. if i wanted to customize it myself... for example if i wanted to be able to scroll out a little farther.
  6. LOL @ all the girls that post photoshopped pictures

    1. Mahrze


      Inorite? COME BACK ALREADY D:

    2. Sawkin


      DUCKY !!! O_O

  7. i'm much too happy playing my lowrate. everytime i login.. i dont see any familiar faces.. so yea

  8. you still play here!?

  9. i love you kathy

  10. If life was all sunshine between us.. everything would be dried up, There's nothing wrong with a little rain between us. Otherwise we'd never grow

  11. If you say sex is overrated.. then you're doing it wrong

  12. pouts^ that's not a one person fetish
  13. you forgot ky, candles, handcuffs and blindfolds
  14. vvelecio - creator hazyd - high wizard
  15. A linked creo can actually heal 3/4 the hp of a pally on a lvl 99 server in one potion pitch with the right basic equips.
  16. would anyone like to partner with me?
  17. You should make it so that people that enter are allowed to pick whatever song they want. Then when you get the top 3 participants.. then they should all be forced to sing a song chosen by the judges.
  18. say water for me again please

  19. if black is transparent.. how would you make black flames..
  20. what if i wanted an aura with black flames.
  21. i'm more curious as of what people have been up to.. not really interested

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