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  1. I'm going to bed now. :3

    Nights. <3

  2. Well. o-o


    I quit loong time ago. So chyeah. xD

  3. LOL. xD

    Who ish chur wifey? :3

  4. HEYS. o-o

    Alexa 17/10

    You 18/10

    ME! 19/10


  5. Oh meh. Okiez. :3

    Take care. *pat pat* xD

  6. So liek.. How am I gonna find chu if I get there? @[email protected]

  7. *Poke poke poke poke poke*


  8. :D

    1 Borneo.. Where? o.o

    I been there 2 times only. Many pilak there. Sorta scared. ;__;

  9. o-o;

    Whai start today? :o!

    I go to 1 Borneo find you la if can~ xD

  10. Dorishuuuuu~

    Wanna go out tomz? I'm going to the library. ;___;

  11. Well lol. o-o

    Yeah I wish he better take good care of me. xD

  12. Oh oh oh~

    When you cuti? :D

  13. 1 Borneo ish far. ;O

    Btw what job la you? xD

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