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  1. I haven't been playing in a while, but today is actually the day I decided to uninstall gRO and permanently leave (15% says I might come back). Hell during my stay in here, I met some cool, badasses, and funny people that I wish I get to meet in real life. I wanna say goodbye to those people who have been there for me and those people who are constantly asking for buffs nonstop haha Take Care and Keep Safe! -Rylee
  2. I live in the U.S. Sorry for the late reply, I don't play gro anymore

  3. haha yup that's me!

  4. Dear Santa, My name is Rylee ingame and my real name is Jennifer - I am 16 years old. I'd really like to have a Symbol of Valor, it's one of my favourite item! Hopefully you can fulfill my wish. Yours, Jen
  5. Happy birthday Ate Aiz :3

  6. I'm having a great school life. Hopefully, this would last long~

  7. Awwwww. Better start eating your fruits and veggies then. lol

  8. I'm studying human anatomy for the upcoming test next week. I don't really like science D: So, how's you?

  9. 1st day of school tomorrow. EEP!

  10. Kathy, congratz! I'm happy for you :D . I had a feeling you'll be a gm someday. Now that you're in high stature (I always consider GMs as high), I hope you won't forget about me DX

  11. I miss you even though we don't talk much :(

  12. Hi dassah! I finally found your profile~ Hooray for me :D

  13. I don't post much in the forums, but I couldn't help but to say that this guide is so nice and well organize~ Keep it up!
  14. I forgot that ign stands for in game name. Oh well

  15. What's your ign ingame? Mine is Rylee. I always sit in Althea being bored, and nothing to do.

  16. Haha xD. I'm glad you're not ashamed of who you are ^___^

  17. Sooooo why do you dress like a girl?

  18. Are you a boy or a girl? Sorry for the question. My curiosity is taking over.

  19. *sigh* I don't know anymore...

    1. Mahrze
    2. rylee-jen


      Thanks. I'm done emoing now LOL

  20. Happy Birthday to you.

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