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  1. It's been awhile.. would love to be a part of this game again.. I wonder when~

    1. Everade


      Now's the best time ;)

    2. Lycoris


      And it's been more than a year since I last visited my account lol.

      Anyways, would love to play again but I can't atm. /wah

  2. Lycoris

    New Features And Updates

    Thanks Eve~~
  3. Lycoris

    New Features And Updates

    Nuuuuuuuuuu no moar houses left.. QQ
  4. Lycoris

    Security Update And Fixes

    Seems interesting. Can't wait.. Thanks for the info~
  5. Lycoris

    Security Update And Fixes

    I am very curious about this Housing System and how it works.
  6. Finally no more Disconnect from Server prob~

  7. hey lyc, wana meet up gaain sometime in payon? I'll just need to get the patch done

  8. LOL. Okay imma do it when I'm finished with the last 2. 8D

  9. New entries are good as well but meh..

    I did my best.. xD

    Thanks again~

  10. You're welcome and don't be :D

  11. Thanks Narci~~ Tho am kinda nervous now Lol. xD

  12. Suff should post her drawings in GFX Gallery Section~~!! 8D Srsly lol, joo ish verrrrryyyy good at it.. :3

  13. Lyco entry mo :D Keep it up :)