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  1. Apparently I'm your copy, according to Marc.

    And only the German GMs are doing a good job.

    Sad pattern.


  2. Happy Birthday Heather <3

  3. Yeah.

    Dante too.

    That's Everade's way of saying GTFO to his old GMs me thinks.

  4. I can't view any topics.

    That's all really.

  5. Aw. Your name was taken ingame too? :<

    Happy Birthday :3

  6. Haha.

    I don't know if I'm the forum queen anymore.

    I can't even view topics.

    You can be the forum prince if you want xD

    Someone needs to cover for me :3

  7. Apparently marc doesnt think so.

    I'm banned from the forum.

  8. Yay :3

    Ilu <3

    I probably wont be around much. I'll visit though.

  9. Grats Tama.

    Keep gRO safe for me :3

  10. ... Other dude?

  11. I'll add you tomorrow :3

    I'm not on my msn atm.

  12. Yup. I'm leaving too.

  13. Yes. I quit. The person who commented below me made me quit.


  14. Blarrrghghthgafdasf,

    I have been eaten :<

  15. You can believe in anything you want. Don't let others stop you from that :3

  16. Happy Birthday~

  17. Happy Birthday~

  18. Lololol.

    Hai Nick.


    I want some too.

  20. Happy Birthday~

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