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  1. You may need to redownload kRO if it doesn't work. The kRO patcher is probably unable to download 2 years worth of updates.
  2. That skill does not seem to be implemented on gRO even though it is available. I tried on my own Maestro.
  3. D e M o N

    February Updates

    Just following up on Camouflage skill.. When will the fix be implemented on gRO?
  4. That is up to the GM's to implement. Maybe someone should suggest it.
  5. It's there. Maybe just refresh page if it doesn't show up. Thanks.
  6. D e M o N

    New Costumes

    Combo items do not seem to be working again.
  7. I thought resists from stats were removed due to the customized mechanic of having GTB blocked Masquerade by 100%? On Official servers, GTB does not block Masquerade at all.
  8. Assuming Belphegor/Werewolf use level 10 Auto-Guard, 30% of hits will be blocked. Meaning you are left with only 70% chance to hit. Simply multiply your damage by 0.7 to figure it out the difference.
  9. Ever wanted to know how long it will take you to kill a certain monster? Well, now you can find out! Formula: ( MonsterHP / ( ( YourDamagePerHit ) * ( 50 / ( 200 - YourAspd ) ) ) ) = Seconds to kill Monster ( 5,529,000 / ( ( 100,000 ) * ( 50 / ( 200 - 193 ) ) ) ) = 7.7406 Seconds Explaination of Formula: 5,529,000 = HP of Monster, in this case, Emperium. 100,000 = Your total damage per hit (Right+Left hand if you are using GX/Ninja class) What about if you wanted to solo King Poring? Since all World Boss Events have a time limit of 40 minutes, we should aim for 35 minutes. ( 975,000,000 / ( ( 65,000 ) * ( 50 / ( 200 - 193 ) ) ) ) = 2,100 Seconds ( 2,100 / 60 ) = 35 minutes What if you are using Critical / Auto-Warger Ranger? Calculating damage is slightly more complicated, especially since Rangers don't always have 100% Critical Rate and also have a Warg to add as a variable. (Note: Step 1.1A, 1.2B, and #2 also applies to melee classes)
  10. Bio Lab 3 can be accessed by using @warp lhz_dun02 150 150. Nightmare Bio Lab can be accessed by talking to Guard at @warp lighthalzen 267 200 > Ohno Tohiro (lighthalzen 321, 218) Thanatos Tower can be accessed through the official quest, but only requires 2 people instead of 5.
  11. I got a Telling Doll Hat from the Token Shop. The item description says it increases Potion Pitcher effectiveness by 10%. When I tested the headgear, it did not show any noticeable increase. Upon checking the item's script, it says that it increases the healing rate for White Potion and White Slim Potion. Is this correct effect? If so, may I ask for a refund? I bought the item under the assumption that it will increase Potion Pitcher.
  12. Duneyrr Card is giving additional aspd instead of Perfect Dodge.. gRO Database RMS database
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