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  1. D e M o N

    Missing Items

    If your items didn't reappear, it might be time to ask a GM for assistance.
  2. D e M o N

    Missing Items

    I see.. Try making your storage 499/500 and your items should reappear.
  3. D e M o N

    Missing Items

    A while back maximum storage capacity was reduced from 600 down to 500. You should check the control panel to see if your items are still in storage or on your characters.
  4. D e M o N

    Missing Items

    Is your storage full?
  5. D e M o N

    December Update

    PvE ======================== Magic damage of mobs seems have gone up even more. Taken 17 Dec 2018 - 23:40 Server time. 222,230
  6. D e M o N

    December Update

    Can you check damage of Sharp Shooting? Damage seems to be only 30-50% of normal damage. For example: 1.1m damage is reduced to 500k damage now.
  7. D e M o N

    Massive Magic Damage of Bosses

    Here is another example taken today.
  8. D e M o N

    December Update

    Belphegor's mobs cast Comet that hits 20,000-60,000 per hit. 20,000 × 20 = 400,000 60,000 × 20 = 1,200,000 King Poring's Lord of Vermillion can hit anywhere from 20,000 - 60,000 per bolt. 30,000 × 10 = 300,000 (Hits up to 4 times for a total of 1,200,000) 60,000 × 10 = 600,000 (Hits up to 4 times for a total of 2,400,000) Example:
  9. D e M o N

    Rota's complete guide to grinding

    Wear Mine Hat and talk to mining NPC.
  10. D e M o N

    cant find the npc Ghenirhemin

    @warp hugel 146 103
  11. D e M o N

    Arrow Unequipped

    It's official update.
  12. D e M o N

    cosmic infinity quest

    Are you inside or outside the secret room?
  13. D e M o N

    Uninterruptible Casting

    In all honesty, uninterruptible casting should not be allowed during WoE. (Unless it is official setting)
  14. D e M o N

    Trading Restriction

    Will you be making Doram accessories account bound or will you leave them as rAthena has set them? It seem ridiculous to make such accessories account bound. Those accessories are not god level items such as Megingjards. They are relatively easy to get, why make them account bound?