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  1. D e M o N

    Missing Items When the Map Down

    They are probably still in your inventory. If you took them from main storage, then transferred to guild storage, they might still be in your main storage.
  2. D e M o N

    Emperium Breaker Test

    I was in emp room a while ago, and it is working just fine?
  3. D e M o N

    Petition: Sorcerer Revamping

    Sorc does not need any buffs, in fact there should be some adjusts made to Sorc so it isn't super strong on gRO. Also, even though the fair price for GTB is 200-300m, players sell it for 500m or so.. And other players seemingly comply with it. >_<
  4. D e M o N

    Pharmacy Skill (level 10)

    No problem noob!
  5. D e M o N

    Pharmacy Skill (level 10)

    The user does not need the materials to create everything. However, all of the manuals are still required to be in the inventory, and the user must have at least 200 medicine bowls and 200 empty bottles. As of 6/30/13, the user can choose to create only one of the three items at a time. This seems to work for Alcohols and Acid Bottles, but not Bottle Grenades.
  6. D e M o N

    Pharmacy Skill (level 10)

    Ask friend for link? Ask other friend for Taekwon to be in Party?
  7. D e M o N

    Petition: Sorcerer Revamping

    Sorc also have the following abilities: Ability to heal with Warmer skill Reduce Enemy SP to 0 with Soul burn (If it fails, sorc only needs 5 sp for Soul Change or Indulge, which restores 50% SP) Make Melee/Long Range physical damage miss 75% of the time with Wall of Fog Poison and Neutral Magic attacks if someone use Kades Trap Players with Spider Web + Extreeme Vacuum Block ALL AoE / ground trap skills Dispell players And many more... Just that skill set alone on GatheringRO, Sorc is extremely strong. Sorc needs some reduction in abilities. xD
  8. D e M o N

    Pharmacy Skill (level 10)

    And what about Spiritual Potion Creation III?
  9. D e M o N

    Petition: Sorcerer Revamping

    These damages were buffed before they were nerfed. Specially Thunderstorm, which receive a massive buff. Lightning Bolt and Thunderstorm are both supposed to inflict 100% matk per bolt. And yet Thunderstorm is doing about 3-4 times more damage than Lightning Bolt, when in fact they are suppose to be doing the same damage. Crystalization from Diamond Dust gives gives Sorc's a big advantage . It gives several seconds of free hits or debuffing enemy. If someone uses Kades card, use Napalm beat or any ghost magic. And supplement the damage with neutral physic wave and killing cloud. If someone escapes Killing Cloud+spiderweb/extreme vacuum, Soul burn them and repeat. If soul burn fails and hits you, use soul exchange on them. If someone escapes Spider Web, combine it with other skills: Arullo+Extreme Vacuum+Dispell, then spider web again. Seriously, even with these nerfs, Sorc is still easily one of the strongest and most versatile in PvP.
  10. D e M o N


    Don't worry bro, maybe you can clear your name?
  11. D e M o N


    Says you are a "MARKED ABUSER". Read here for more information: https://www.gatheringro.ch/_forum/topic/48877-website-updates-abusers/
  12. D e M o N

    Summer Fishing Event

    Now, you need to find Dory. xD
  13. D e M o N

    Buying Cash Points items

    Aside from Zeny, you have any items to offer?
  14. D e M o N


    Glorious Weapons/Armors can be earned by participating in BG. (@joinbg) The selection of items are in the waiting room (@go bg), lower right area. Vellum weapons are obtainable from WoE Weapon Supply Box which are dropped by Treasure Chest. Supply box can be obtain from some MvPs also, but it is easier and faster to hunt from Treasure Chests. Some vellum weapons are dropped by monsters. Here is a list of Vellum Weapons. Please note that some Vellum/Glorious items might be slightly modified.
  15. D e M o N

    Some suggestions

    1. Agreed. 2. You just need to bring the right class to do this instance. The weapons may not be as strong as others, but they are useful. 3. Do you really need more Bloody Branches? 4. You are asking a NO POTIONS server to allow healing items?