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  1. mayaman ba?



    slash Gee Gee ng marami

  2. thanks sir chadwick I already figured it out,..theres really many reason why my damage is high or low and its too many options or switchig i need to do...well i can do it in pvp coz basically i can see the damage but in woe theres no way i can find out to bad thanks
  3. Hi Sir Chad, Please tell us how to make DS strong,my DS damage is 4k is der is 100vit and if its 200vit my damage was 16k,20,30k but for some night I dont really undestand my damage is only 1.5k...Im using thana in my bow and Tgen also....Wat I dont undertand is the inconsistent damage of my DS.. I know u are an expert in sniper maybe u can give me the answer i will really appreciate it.
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