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  1. this thread is getting hot +1 to Nico ‘s suggetion this current refinement system is a proof to how poorly designed renewal was. i cant blame gRo for having this kind of system because it is a business after all.. we can only hope that things will get better.
  2. always crush during woe time and lag.. this server will be out of the picture again soon if the admin doesn't do how to fix this..

    1. Everade


      I'm well aware about the situation of the crashes. However the lag you're experiencing has nothing to do with our server.

    2. Yzobel


      The Lag is your Problem! bruh!

  3. cge pag free ako tambay tayo, as of now dami paper works sa office, minsan Saturday meron pa. Ganda sana EB tayo ulit nila janel, maybe sa mall, its my treat... set ka ng date...

  4. thx for cheering them up bro hehe, tambay tayo minsan manila na ako eh

  5. aww no problems henry ♥ goodluck and look after it hahaha :D

  6. i've got the account already... thanks Bro.

  7. thanks for your help! Everade gave back my account....

  8. :) its alright i love to help
  9. Ed, he already read my message but no reply yet... im gonna be busy the whole day coz of seminar at makati... sana ma retrieve na! thanks Ed for your support.

  10. Thank you ms. pretty for your support.... i owe you one! Everade already read my message,no reply yet but i know he can help me.. (:

  11. Hi Everade, Any feed back regarding my account problem? thanks.

  12. ok na client mo? nandun padin kami sa payon 179 102 Ed Stampede

  13. its alright :)

    woe whenever you're free ^^

  14. sorry for being inactive.. already installed the client and already an RG, but have not try to play woe... hope to woe with you next time... ^.^

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