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  1. Paying a visit only at forum ^_^ HOwdie people

    1. Beastboy


      howdie momot

      how are you doing ?

  2. New Year Pahteh FTW xD

  3. Busy with my new career as part time Graphic Artist ^_^

    1. Beastboy


      i wish you the best of luck momot

  4. 4th day my PC is RIP... My Mobo gave up on me..... WHY???? WTF cant play... Im missing my PC.... T_T

  5. It's my Son and Dad's Birthday today... So i think i call this a day to take a rest off the net and have quality time with them

  6. I had a good time with me and my friends last time before my other friend left the country again to work abroad.... The only guy here is me LOL xDDDDD
  7. Arranging all the papers i need to work abroad xD Goodluck Guys....

  8. Happy Birthday Alexaa ^_^

  9. Yes... That's the Idea... Creativity is the Key
  10. Well Yeah... Since Christmas is just a few months away.... Why don't we have and Original Christmas Jingle Event... The more Original.. The Better... Just a suggestion... I know there lots of player creative enough to write and sing a song... But yeah... Would be fun though.... Prices would be Major ones like God like MVP/ MVP's for the winner Or 2-4 GM Event Box maybe Just an option though
  11. Wait wut? Skype? LOL xDDD

    1. Kenzie Riann

      Kenzie Riann

      Yeah, skype has games you can play. I whoop his ass all the time, LOL.

  12. Reunion with my grade school classmates and mentor's
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