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  1. you can use it for "quests", or exchange to what you need. New currency was made for everyone, esp. for the new people.
  2. It's nice to experience the very best of gRO back then. Now it's time to move on and let the rest of the story continue by the others. Good luck peeps. <3F4E a r t h

    1. Aii


      Wah, where are u going ejeh?

    2. Valkrie



  3. Try to find it on your disc[C;] Games folder and open it maybe it is in there.
  4. Happy Holidays gRO!

  5. Not really.. There is a way on how to kill WW by yourself. You just have to figure that out.
  6. II EJ II

    More Fixes

    At least as it says.. It is not really a joke.
  7. Actually it's very easy to remove. Press Alt+Z and click on friends setup window as shown in image (magnifier image option) After Selecting Friends Setup Option then 3 option will pop up as shown in the image. Deselect/Unchecked all 3 option and close it. Try to ask a friend to pm you again.
  8. it is there, it only shows a apple icon, try to check on, storage equipment, or in your inventory, or did you just drop an apple item? :3
  9. Try to put the card. After you've done the quest
  10. Thanks for the guide, my Homun S intimacy didn't reset. :3
  11. Ceromain item no. 13283 if you use it, instead of awakening effect, it stone curse you. Equipment Alt+Q show equip to public if you check/uncheck it still, Shows your Equips and Question: If you killed MVP now, it really shows its tomb with Time of Death, and Who killed it?,
  12. Have you change/paste some new command from your AI folder?, Just delete those, or just Copy and paste your back-up old folde of AI folder, then try call your Homun.
  13. On Randgris = 50% w/ bgum = 100% Valk mobs = 5% w/ bgum = 10% So yeah, Better Hunt the boss. Or Don't kill the boss yet. Or Endless Tower with friends
  14. Put it on your portable hard disk drive with higher memory for better gameplay anywhere.
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