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  1. Konnichiwa :3

    Genki desu ka?


  2. tol naglalaro kau sa


  3. read[past tense] ur blog.

  4. *pokes joo twice*


  5. dang..u beat my G.P.A lol



  7. do u know any guy named TENY?

  8. lol ive seen u in some other private server u were one of the GM>.< congrats!

  9. nothing much..>.<


    what's crackin?

  10. your prettier than i thought.~.~

  11. the let's crackin' lackin..lol

    do u speak Tagalog?

  12. hi azurell~

    are u flipina?

  13. i put it already.

    come and see it:]]

  14. actually theres one more.....

    but its Guild War.

    much funnier than naruto. come and see my profile:]]

    then ill show u.

  15. *throws the dice the dice got broked*



  16. sorry dude but i cant:[i will give it to a person that deserving or i will give it to my wifey~/sorry

  17. ~offer~B/O priceless.

  18. wazzup moe moe!?

  19. y you didnt put thingie on ur name

  20. and can u plz speak english.

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