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  1. i tot u gonna play buck-ro?? lies!

  2. play it now.. :)

  3. lest play silentro.net

  4. WHERE ARE YOU!! play silentro.net

  5. im playin silentro.net

  6. lets play sro.

  7. merry christmas to you and to your family

    -brian and family :)

  8. merry christmas to you and to your family.

    -brian and family. :)

  9. lets play silentro download it. silentro.net

    -fcv aya here :) see yah there.

  10. bestfriend. im downloadin silentro. ryt? :)

  11. mai loves. download silentro.net

  12. ugly mataba.. HAHAHAHAS!!.. :) take care sissy.

  13. i dont kno yet.. but relient sed. hes a gm on his server. ahaha.. how r you? mai love

  14. sure mai love. :D haha.. can we play relient server?

  15. i gonna play gRO again.. i think. next week. ill start it again. :D see yah there dear.

  16. really? ill play.. gRO.. ill DL it.. ily hun

  17. oo naahh.. lalaro na ko nyan.. okay?? :D

  18. hun. wut are you playin? :P

  19. ahaha tnatamad pa ko mag DL bestfriend. ng oonline kaya ako.. nkkchat ko nga bf mo eh. nu ka ba ha? ahahha. :P kmusta k na ha?

  20. ahahah.. ako daw.. naku naman .. pero bestfriend. panget mo mag drawing. ahahahh

  21. ahahhaa.. i missed you more sis.. :D

  22. i kno you missed me dear. ily.

  23. hahahha.. wasup? i kno u missed me. nyahhaha ily ily

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