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  1. Life

    1. Frus


      you won't find any here

  2. RO is such a waste of time now, what happened?

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    2. Zelandia


      you just grew up :o

    3. Zelandia


      ... me too

    4. Mama Kiwi

      Mama Kiwi

      I think that's what happened, video games in general are less fun :(

  3. You know I keeeeeed! You are a very sexy man not a little german boy!

  4. Unky! How are you?

  5. You didn't even say bye, just left :( AND WHY GET MY BUTTERY HOPES UP?

  6. I don't know, Patty was telling me somethings about some guy that insulted you somehow.


  8. Why did you just leave me? With Tom ;__;?

  9. You are such a pikture whore aleeeeeex you cleary so african I love it! Also when I was in chicago with boyfriend I found a bull, not sure why he was in the city but he was fairly calm. Took pikture with him and he came out too bronze, no idea why he looks like a statue... also, crazy windy hair in the windy city,who would have thought...
  10. I hear you and pattycakes are being jerks >:(

  11. Come back to meeeee

  12. haaaay sexaaaay

  13. I do it out of love my sweet

  14. -smack- stop it

  15. Finals week! Almost over!

  16. We might actually, I just don't recognize your name :P

  17. You got back on again and I missed it ;__;!

  18. Poor thing ;__;

  19. I saw you creepin

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