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  1. This our entry :'> this is my sister's idea so I guess this is a partner entry. [i did the artwork and my sister did the composition ] MAVKA: BABAYAGA in bikini : [beastboy's dream card? 8D]
  2. hi..ahaha. my entry for silvering card pdf => http://www.photoshop.com/users/kaiixu/albums/23e42af1e7f549cc8f7f170942079953/view#3f48c591a25442e39098ed64c2264886
  3. thanks a lot ^^

  4. cute drawings D:

  5. yesh.. I am :3

  6. Ish you a Filipino? >.<

  7. Mr Smokie!!!!!!!!

    *pokes* LOL.

  8. I may have seen you around! Soul Linker kaiizu.. Hmm! Well you're freakin cute : D! And yes, mine's me^^ No edit, : P

  9. RO name: Kaiixu

    Job: Soul Linker


    uhhmmm...yesh,that's me...it's a bit edited though[the hair..XD(my hair is black)]..ahahahaha..

    what about you??...XD...[same question..O_O]

  10. YAY. : 3

    By the way.. Who and what are you on RO? > w

  11. sure..^^...I'll add you too...XD

  12. Mwa'ha, bummer : P I'm out of school sides one exam I have left. . v.; ..Can I add you?^^

  13. maybe if I have time coz I'm kinda busy at school that's why I could only do little pictures...ahahaha

  14. Aw! Your drawings are KAWAII^-^ . Think ya could make me one of those little moving pictures, sometime? : P

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