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    I want your boxers. and undies.

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(ಠ_ృ).........щ(゚Д゚щ).........ヽ(´▽`)ノ.......( ゚∀。)......c(´ω`c)

I LAB GT * NO HOMO * In honor of Sirus. *sob*


Current members: Me. QQ

If i had your babies i would probly eat them.

Like hamsters do.

But I do want them.

Eating them is not a question of my commitment.


Its just in my nature. :/


Thanks Yue for this awesome picture!


Thanks to whatever weirdo made this and e-mailed it to me. o.o;;

I'm <GM> Yohan in game, I've also quit my legit character due to the flames I get. I still experiment with some stuff, but the chances of you seeing me in-game is very slim. I'm a full fledged Korean and my hobbies are reading, drawing, and gaming. I fiddle with Photoshop a little bit and I absolutely love the author, David Eddings. That man is a genius. My favorite series is the Belgariad, my favorite book is Polgara the Sorceress. I have played various MMORPGs and RO is one of my favorites. Anyways. This is all I have time for, so I'll update this later. Till then, see ya!

People I Love

~Kirst~ What would I ever do without you, my RO wife, I LOVE YOU KIRST.

~Moses~ My little brother. In real life we may be conflicting but in RO, you are as reliable as a...rocket launcher in a fist fight?

~key~ Purururururururururu~ <3

~RasRas~ I love you man. *no homo*

~Ben(Korean)~ F O E F O E F O E F O E

~Liv~ I still want to see your picture you know.

~Wolf~ noob

~Fen~ noob's wife

~Dane~ xdressing proff. His profile owns.

~Mari-Mari~ You are the cutest gal evar. Come to skype more often ;3;

~Kaze~ Don't worry, even if I forget you, I still love you~ (no homo)

~GT~ WUT A G. I LAB GT SOCIETY *no homo*

~Apples~ Every time I see you, I think of this one fruit that has the color of red, yellow, or green. The name escapes me at the moment. Its delicious though.

~Chris~ Awesome guy <3 *no homo*

~Paramour~ Because I forgot him <3

~Mahrze~ He gibs cookiez!

~Melissa~ Skype Nazi <3

~Eleionononononomai. (Tama) Just cuz. Shes got a ***** and a ******.

~More to come but meanwhile, THE GM TEAM AND ALL OF P r o d i g y!~ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

~Ben(Sirus)~ His sexy ass has been put in my profile because he would have wanted it this way. (no homo)

You can't trust men </3




NO, nah, nope, nada, no way jose, and NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-splat-

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