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  1. aww well if you have msn add me so we can still talk :D

  2. im not coming on anymore

  3. lol joo went on today and didn't even say hiya

  4. hey your in a different server zomg i'm so tired of this server which one did joo go to?

  5. rawrzorzzz...how r ya??? cant blive ur in another server nao....T_T....mizz u xD...*thumbs up*

  6. I'm sorry i haven't been on i've been really really busy i've missed you though alot <3 how have you been?

  7. I was xD

    but I won't be here anymore, so you gotta dig those red glasses for me. *Smiles*

  8. Good to have another person stay.

  9. lol u read the twilight saga o_o thats nice ;DDDD



    Edward Cullen Plox <33333

  11. Anyways, ur not coming on!!

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