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  1. Ich denke... du schreibst da am besten eine PM an Everade mit deinem Problem, wie du es oben schon geschrieben hast, plus Account ID, mindestens einem Charakter namen, deiner alten Email-addy und deiner neuen Email-addy. Dann weiß er, dass es dein Account ist und ändert deine Email-addy, wenn er zeit hat~
  2. Ah die Variant Shoes waren mir total entfallen~ stimmt! die sind richtig gut xD hättest ruhig mal früher drauf antworten können Raychan~ D:
  3. Also bevor das hier untergeht will ich mal meinen gehirnschmalz mit dir teilen. Dazu muss ich sagen, Ich kenne mich mit Pala oder eben RG nicht sehr gut aus, da ich diese klasse nur zum MvPs Killern nutze~ Und da du nicht gesagt hast was du genau machen willst, liste ich einfach mal das auf dass mir gerade einfällt~ lol Zu aller erst... Schwert+Schild ist ok... 1H Speer + schild ist besser. Im Grunde ist egal welche Waffe du verwendest wenn du nur Sacri'n willst aber Spear Quicken gibt dir +30% Aspd und das sind ne ganze menge Punkte die du nicht in AGI packen musst. Cards wie hydra, tgen oder Abyss werden deinen Sacri nicht Verbessern, bei Inca und Thana bin ich mir aber nicht sicher... Prinzipiell gilt Je mehr HP du Opferst desto höher dein schaden~ Absolutes Standard HP Equip ist Goibne's Set Goibne's Helm ... VIT + 3, MDEF + 3 Goibne's Armor ... MDEF + 3, Maximum HP + 5%, Maximum SP + 5% Goibne's Spaulders ... LongAtkDef +10%, VIT + 1, MDEF + 2 Goibne's Greaves ... MDEF + 3, Maximum HP + 5%, Maximum SP + 5% Set Boni... VIT + 5, Maximum HP + 15%, Maximum SP + 5%, DEF + 5, MDEF + 15 Receive 10% less damage from Water, Wind, Earth and Fire Property attacks. Sonst fällt mir gerade nur noch Cupid's Target ... Maximum HP & SP + 7%. oder Godhelm GDH; Prism; BVH; DLH +7 all stats (außer int...); +7 all stats, + 3% HP/+10 all stats; +15 all stat; +10 all stats... +XYZ% HP kA xD Valkyrian Armor ... All stats +1 Brynhild[0] ... Brynhild[1] ... Tao Gunka Card ... Maximum HP + 100%, DEF - 50, MDEF - 50 "quasi Doppelter Schaden oder ? Flame Manteau of Naght Sieger ... +5% HP Aliot Card ... +5% HP Diabolus Boots ... Increases Maximum HP by 10 times base Level. Matyr Card ... Maximum HP + 10%, AGI + 1 Im besten fall... 2x Reinforced Necklace Sonst vielleicht 2x Necklace Rental ... jeweils +4 Vit Schild ist dir überlassen~ Ich finde aber... Imperial Guard mit ner GTB ganz nett~ Der ist recht schwer und Boosted damit deine Shield Chain~ Während Sacrifice forced Neutral ist übernimmt Shield Chain das Element der Waffe, d.h. mit Immaterial Sword kannst du auch Ghost Element Viecher kloppen~ Allerdings wirst du dann 2 Kiel-D-01 Cards (2x -30% Aftercastdelay) zum Spammen brauchen. So oder so ähnlich genug zusammen ge'pasted' lol Zu den stats... naja 200 Vit... Dex genug das du trifft... Agi das du auch etwa 180-190 aspd kommst... aber das ist Geschmackssache und rest halt so wie du es gerade brauchst. Im PvP & WoE brauchst du aber andere stats und ein breiteres Spektrum an Equip... da können dir die anderen mehr sagen~ Hoffe Ich konnte dir ein wenig weiterhelfen~
  4. finally finished it! :3 I luv the game
  5. Nice game The Sound of the successful 'flipped' monsters-pairs is a bit annoying, i guess this is what dash means with 'its bugged' Or its the double pair thingy... like 4x Picky on the field~
  6. Give me more Drama, baby~~~ ;D no... just kidding Well said, but GameMasters are also a part of the community, right? @Saiko & co. just to point it out, All this GameMasters (except Eve-chan & Lipton) were mere Players on this Server, it's not like they evolved to a higher being after becoming GameMaster, you should give it a thought or two~ So..... If you really think that there must be more people that help other players, just do it yourself! Create your own helper Guild, share your knowledge and offer your support, i did that too and it worked just fine~ You don't need GameMaster-Powers to help Players. So long~
  7. Well... its not like i didn't expect that you do what you did. It's clearly the simplest solution for a straight minded mind. it's a bit dissapointing that especially you could not think about a better solution :/ thats just..gay I don't think any1 but you really wanted a "1.6 million damage on a screen wide scale"-Comet. And Why you just talk about Maya Card. There is also Kaite! 100% reflect chance. after that the caster is dead anyway and CAN'T spam it, even with Spellbook. On WoE you have always 1,2,3 and more who have it. So all you did was banning another skill from teambattles by increasing the dmg output~ thx Again~ Why did you Increase the dmg again? I really don't know. Maybe we are able to understand it if you explain us the reason or maybe your line of thoughts, but please don't come with the "origin" thingy cuz that is already leached out. (sl.Wingstaff, farb, skoll,grb,etc. have not much to do with the original and they are clearly to powerful ) Ow well think about something better and don't be to lazy is the only advice i can give you~ So Long
  8. Futhark

    Big Maintenance

    Just go on~ i'm at work anyway hahahaha erm do we need a new Client or so?
  9. Devi adds +5 dex/agi about the neb thingy. it gets a 2nd slot?
  10. srsly 10 of each is to much -___- make it 5 of each or so.. i lost already all Motivation after 7xC-Rank(2 super boring Hours!), its so f******* boring and the Overpriced rewards just making it a massive waste of time. :/ 11 Quest to get 1 absolut useless B Coupon?! thats sick. thats not a test phase its a illness! Over and out!
  11. And what about putting it in a armor? is that still blocked from trading? O_o Yes/No? Huh? Probably no~ Not doing it or not be able to do it gives ya a big disadvantage ingame or not?
  12. btw... i just want to know. Was it to easy for you just to decrease the number of Coupon to 1 each day and make the Request and Rewards Randomly? Coupon = reward Where was the problem just to make it like that? Now you still can get 10x C Rank on each account every day right? 10 C Coupons every day that is 1x +10Stat every 35 days at 1 Account. if you do it with 5 Accounts u still can get 5 +10 stats in 35 days and you still can trade them right? So why should some1 who did "abuse" it before, stop now? Now its even better to abuse it. And why didn't you make it more varied, if you already had to change it so much? Its always the same "bring me, bring me"! a Quest like should make some fun, but not pure brain dead farming -___- And Zie... as always it looks like you can't read or you can't understand what you read. I talked about the Weight of the quantity of the items... not the item itself... and i dont want use a genetic or mechanic for questing 8D -erm forget it... -.- PS: Even if you see me online, i'm most of time Afk
  13. ha... no can do at all... i got just 20 min for questing per day.... :/ 1 can't even finish the first 1 cuz so heavy that my character can't hold all items -.- this DQ is so incredible dumb... btw, thank you Beast for depreciate the Coupons i got from the old Quest and stored till now. I love you for that sooooo much~ -___-
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