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  1. haha sergio rela demi aku? so sweet.. :3

  2. lol nama gw ada disebut <<<<<<


  4. < Wah gokil. Cuman jadi kegoda buat bikin post yang aneh² lol.

    Keren² wkwkwkwkwk.

    Eh btw, napa cuman post gw yang paling atas itu yang dikasih quote sumberny? o_O

  5. ERRR... as below...

    LOL but yea, I don't get the weird messages cuz I don't understand them. Translation plox?

  6. omg wut happend to your kewl page? D:<

  7. being lazbum =/= for your health >_>

    exercise your finger more hahaha, type and click more and upload more xD~

  8. just for the fun hahahaha

    a little change in the environment, maybe ill have it male some other time xD

  9. LOL, you sex-changed to genderless like Raquis did. @[email protected]

  10. ajaran ga baik >_> awas laptop housemate diembat *ehem*
  11. I tried googling... but what's gigglegum? o.O or it's just something random? o.o

  12. lool xD

    I'm too lazy to change it D:

  13. dothy... doting... dot dot dot . . .

    its all about .

    isnt it time to change your personal photo :P

    You've been using that one for like... ages with the half or full nude thing there >_>

  14. Hmm... do i like giggling...

    Mayyyyybeee !?

    who knows :P

    it was originally gigglegum, but i find it too long, so i change it to giggle instead

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