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  1. Who here still remembers this noob o.o

  2. Hai pplz. Well, I'm not really a new player, but I haven't been on gRO for a looooooooooooooong time. So I'm pretty much new =) Anyways, hi, my IGN's Kyoichi. Hope I see you guys ingame? LOL. =D PS. Does anyone actually remember me?
  3. Rawr~

    1. Mirri


      Wow, you're still alive? XD

    2. NoObZuNiTeD


      ^ LOL One more person who remembers me. =D

  4. So...Who still remembers me? LOL.
  5. Wow I haven't been on forever.

  6. shut upppppppppp.

  7. I'm taller than youuu. :3

  8. Im older then yooooou. o_o

  9. Yes I do. o.o

    If not, then I'll have an unicorn to go please.

  10. You dont deserve a pony. =3=.

  11. Lol. Decided to join gRO again.

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