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  1. Mirri

    Mirri's Gallery

    Thanks! Yeah, I noticed all of the broken links too. The first post was a place holder anyway until I could be bothered to make it 'pretty' again (which never happened). Maybe I'll update it when I've got more time... and actually draw some new things.

  3. Mirri

    Mirri's Gallery

    Long time no see! I haven't exactly made a lot of progress in terms of drawing ability since last posting. I'll forever want to improve but never bother to practice. Haha! This was commissioned by an acquaintance a few months ago. (kind of cross-posting from Twitter 'cause I can't add a different watermark at the moment lol) While I'm here I may as well take on some requests (old friends, I'm calling out to yoooouuuu)! I currently can't draw digitally, so pencil and paper shall be my tools! Just don't expect anything great, because chances are I'll turn any requests into something silly or diabetis inducing. I'll accept headgear donations too /NO
  4. Any old friends or acquaintances of mine still playing? Show yourselves!!

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    2. Nanaki


      o/ Wow i've not been here for too long. But when Nostalgia hits, it hits hard.

    3. Mirri


      TETOOOOOOOOOOOOO. So everyone's coming back to check on the server for nostalgic reasons.

    4. RainbowPowder


      Blop~ just stopped by

  5. Mirri

    Pokemon Xy

    Was a RSE remake actually announced or is it just rumoured? I really loved that generation! I replayed Ruby more times than any other Pokémon game. I can even remember how excited I was about Emerald's release with the new features. The Battle Frontier was an exciting concept buuuut I was never good at battles. Haha! Ah yes, the name issue. I was talking to a friend about Pokémon when XY just came out and she didn't have a clue which Pokémon I was talking about because she only knew their Japanese names. So I had to either wreck my brain to remember names or look them up. I see how they can't really have names like Fushigidane or Yorunozuku in English since they would lose their meaning, but there are some Pokémon with English names in the Japanese versions, like Blacky and Thunders? Why didn't they keep those? I'm pretty sure that if foreign names appear in a Japanese game then it's fine for them to appear in games of other languages too.
  6. Mirri

    Pokemon Xy

    Not sure whether that was sarcasm or not but I've not been playing much lately either. Waiting for PokéBank...
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfL2sw4ZcXA
  8. Mirri

    Pokemon Xy

    Added as well! By the way, does anyone have an Articuno? I need one for my dex but they seem hard to come by on the GTS. Also still need to register a Xerneas.
  9. Mirri

    Pokemon Xy

    Oooh, I think I saw those images yesterday or the day before, different source though. Can't say the designs are very appealing to me...
  10. BlazBlue is good... if you somehow manage to understand it. Haha! I played the first two games some time ago so I knew about the somewhat confusing plot, but a friend who's watching it with me is completely lost without me spoiling everything. Pokémon Origins is really short (sadly) since it's just a four episode long OVA. Really good though! GO WATCH IT. NOW.
  11. I picked up KuroBasu S2, Magi S2, BlazBlue, Pokémon XY and Diabolik Wife Beaters. I considered Ace of the Diamond and Tokyo Ravens too, but it's too much to keep up with for me. I think I dropped Diabolik Wife Beaters after three episodes though 'cause I couldn't be bothered with it. Last season I used Free! and BroCon as laughing stock but this one just didn't work as well with the same intention in mind. The only ones I'm actually up-to-date with at the moment are KuroBasu and Pokémon though since I've been too busy to even think about watching anime. By the way, the Pokémon Origins OVA was so wsgfeghaghauwu aaaaaaa!11!! I watched it three times already and still can't get enough of it!
  12. Mirri

    Pokemon Xy

    Friend code exchange? Count me in! 0731-5913-4277 Oh, and as for the topic, I wouldn't see the point in playing the new game as a ROM even if there was an emulator around. I think that thanks to the player search system part of the game is socialising with other players. As far as I'm aware you wouldn't be able to do that with an emulator.
  13. Mirri

    Mirri's Gallery

    Print test for a bookmark design I made. Probably going to reduce the border size though. I might do an extra design for the back side as well so I can make it double sided. Scissors where horrible to use for cutting out details, I tell you! Thank goodness I've got a craft knife now (though I've not even tested it yet)! Still need to get my hands on a laminator though.
  14. Did anyone else get a copy of Pokemon XY?

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    2. Mirri


      I've got a Furfrou in my team! Haha!

      My 3DS FC is 0731-5913-4277 in case anyone wants to add me.

    3. S4T4N



      > 2423 2398 0213 <

    4. Mirri


      Added as well~ Thanks!

  15. Hmm, something that I love would be my hamster (sorry for the poor lighting). ... and just because I can, another picture of him.
  16. I dropped the TV anime after three episodes or so since it was a bit of a struggle for me to keep up with five series this season (I'm too forgetful), but Illya is really cute in this spin-off! I found the artwork to be nice as well. Illya's eyes are so pretty!
  17. Those moments when you try to format text and after saving the changes it just reverts back to it's original state or gets completely messed up... MAKES ME ANGRY.

    1. Everade


      happens to me every fucking time >_>

    2. Mirri


      Only happens if you use the rich text editor it seems. I don't like looking at code though. lol

  18. Dewata Legend Quest Requirements - Base level 60 - 15 Cendrawasih Feathers Rewards - Jaty Crown - 5 Satay - Shining Cendrawasih Feather Side Notes - No coupon point is rewarded Step 1 Head towards the hut in the top left corner of Dewata field (dew_fild01 70 273) where you'll overhear a conversation. Enter the building once the conversation has ended. Step 2 Once inside speak to Sage Kasyapa (dew_in01 22 48). Tell him: "I overheard talk about a crown?" "Anything I can do to help?" He will then ask you to talk to the Tribal Chief Paiko. Step 3 To the left of Kasyapa you'll find Tribal Chief Paiko (dew_in01 15 49). When he asks what brings you there, answer: "I overheard the story by accident." He denies having spoken of the crown, so reply: "Kasyapa was talking about a crown..." Step 4 Once Paiko tells you to leave, head towards the exit. Before you can leave you'll overhear another conversation (around dew_in01 17 38) between the two about how you may be able to help them create the Jaty Crown after all. Step 5 Spreak to Paiko (dew_in01 15 49) again and he'll request for you to help them make the Jaty Crown for their tribe. Respond: "Crown-a-whatsis?" He'll explain briefly why he must make the crown. Once asked again to help, answer: "Ok, I will help." Upon agreeing Paiko will tell you to gather 15 Cendrawasih Feathers. They are dropped by Cendrawasih (dew_fild01) at a rate of 100%. Step 6 Once you've gathered 15 feathers, return to Paiko (dew_in01 15 49) and he will start creating the crown, though he claims it will take some time. Speak to him again and he'll tell you that Kasyapa wants to give something to you. Step 7 Speak to Kasyapa (dew_in01 22 48) and he'll give you a Shining Cendrawasih Feather. This item acts as a pass to access a further map linked to Dewata: Krakatau Volcano. Step 8 Next converse with Paiko (dew_in01 15 49) again. He'll suggest that creating the crown is a reason to celebrate and thus asks you to deliver their tribe's special food, Satay, to several villagers. Once he asks you to do the delivery job, answer: "Of course, I can help." The people who the deliveries must be made to in order are: Jaty Tribal Soldier (dew_fild01 78 288) Tribe Manager (dew_fild01 185 300) Gatekeeper of Krakatau (dewata 235 56) Borobudur Temple Manager (dewata 78 192) When speaking to the people and the promt turns up, always answer: "Tribal Chief Paiko" You'll initially receive two Satays to give to each person and will have to return to Paiko after every delivery to get more Satays. You'll have to repeat this four times. Interestingly only one Satay appears to get taken by each NPC so you'll be left with four at the end. Step 9 Once you've made your last delivery, speak to Paiko (dew_in01 15 49) once more. He'll thank you for helping out and give you a replica of the Jaty Crown. You'll also receive 5 Satay. And that concludes the quest. Thank you for reading! Feel free to ask any feedback, questions or just discuss the quest. Also feel free to request any quest guides that have not been created yet but you'd like to see. However I cannot guarantee that I'll make them.
  19. Mirri

    Control Panel Updates

    For the mount issue, perhaps the 7 or 30 day halter leads could be added to the Rental Dealer. Another option would obviously be to have halter lead boxes in the vote shop, but I think it would be nice having to use Zeny and make good use of the rental NPC. Premium members would of course still have an advantage as they wouldn't have to purchase halter leads in the first place.
  20. Mirri

    Mirri's Gallery

    IT'S CUTE! But I don't think it looks anything like Gii. Haha. This thing is a cat, and Gii is a bat.
  21. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Xw5cON6k3w
  22. Mirri

    Mirri's Gallery

    Oooh! I once intended to read that manga. Never did though so I'm not sure what the flying thing looks like. Haha. PM me if you want to commission one. Haha.
  23. They've already been implemented.
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