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    Friends and anime......and gRO of course :P
  1. ah si? ._. pues em no o al menos no recuerdo haberlo jugado /hmm

  2. me referia por ahi del 2006? D: recuerdo a un tipo con tu nombre D:

  3. nope ._.

    jugaba aqui en gro lol

  4. xD hell yesh for metal gear soild stuff FTW and i just downloaded it again so i guess i play once again -_-"

  5. haha xD well gL with that ''meter gear solid'' stuff man xD

  6. I r goodz. (and yeah i guessed so D: I came back on it 2days ago xD just cauz somepeople asked meh to come back >..> XD) oh wellz ^^

  7. i quited too i still go on the forums and lurk around like a sloth or something and then when they find me i scatted away Its all part of my plan so when they are off guard i can go metel gear solid on them >:D

  8. Haha sorry man but i quittied gro ;-; and im fine xD u?

  9. i haven't heard from you in ages how have you been?

  10. Omg stalker ;o XP hai


  12. hi carlitooooes! :] lol

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