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  1. Risa


    haha HI!

  2. Haha, YES! im back! but just in the forums :P lol.

    Do you get to go straight to law over there?? Here we have to finish undergrad first before law school =\.

    take care, and study hard ;) cus that's what lawyers do :D.

  3. Risa

    I'm playing LastWow now :P

  4. Hey ^^. Politics and Law! me too! /emoticons/default_tongue.png" alt=":P" srcset="/emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />.


  5. Risa nice to see you again too!!^^

    always take care!


  6. Risa

    Thanks for the papers!xD


  7. Risa



  8. Risa





  9. 誕生日のメセッジから


    p.s. 君に愛してる


  10. 誕生日のメセッジから



  11. Risa

    bye siela T_T i'll miss you........ =(

    stay beautiful ^~


  12. ah i got your message on my blackberry asap!LOL. awww T_T byeee jenny T_T its sad to hear that you're leaving =( maybe one day youll come back... good lucky to you^^ stay in school and stay cute!^^ bye!


  13. hi mae^^ i'll stay after the wipe. :D lets remake the guild :P

    *is going to have crappy equips* LOL

  14. HI JENNI if you're staying after the wipe come join me and mae's guild if you'd like ^^


  15. Risa

    i lavvvv you like a fat kid lavvvs keikee ^^ :D

  16. hai! ^^

    just stoppin bye :P

    5stars for you!

  17. hi, ill be on tomorrow if you still want to trade for my amon ra :P.

  18. p.s.

    join prodigy! :P


  19. hi jenny! yar sucha cutie!


  20. p.s.

    lol someone pmd me in forums and askd me if i were babiidoll lol.

  21. hey mae, can you post my event in page 1? so people can find it easier ^^.

    thanks schmexay.


  22. HAI!!! ^^ oo, no i'm not babiidoll :P diffrent person haha

    p.s.5 stars for you! ;]

  23. i was in bed! its just that my comp is on all the time! so it always shoes taht im logged in/online :P

  24. Risa

    it says your sex is "unknown".



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