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  1. Tiesto Hardwell Swedish House Mafia Avicii David Guetta Skrillex Paul Van Dyk Afrojack Armin Van Buuren Eric Prydz Thats more than 5 actually.
  2. luna

    Public Apology

    Good to hear that. Me and You have a long story and i don't even remeber where it started from. Anyways i also wanna apologize for whatever i Said/Did to you. Apology accepted. Peace out.
  3. luna

    Public Apology

    Just wondering who can this guy probably be
  4. x.x I heard it from one of my friends thats its gonna give str + 2 and hit + 15 or atk + 15. I dont remeber correctly. Sry for the wrong info
  5. I have already seen it and i would like to see if you can do something similar with AOG.
  6. luna

    Werewolf Event

    I have played this game with cards and its totally awesome.
  7. Even a small edit is okay. can you give a example?
  8. I dont know the whole thing looks ugly. Like give it a totally new look? And its in demand now after the updates on the dating quest so more people may want it.
  9. Can we consider some mid headgears also? Like Angel of Ghost.
  10. Welcome to all new comers
  11. The Dark Knight Rises.
  12. luna

    Pvp Tournament

    What about recording the matches and Uploading it on Youtube? I also wanna watch the matches. Or something like this is possible would be good enough.
  13. luna

    Pvp Tournament

    Can the GM's arrange for some spectators? Or if its not possible it would records the matches and Upload it on Youtube? Thank you.
  14. Skoll - Every 3 Hours Grb - Every 6 hours
  15. luna

    Dota 2

    Just watch it is all i can say.
  16. luna

    The Sign Quest

    Suppose i give him the sign at 10:00 am Server time So i should collect it between 10:00 and 11:00 AM on the next day?
  17. luna

    The Sign Quest

    I am at the final part where Engel makes the sign into a accessory. Its being like 1 week but still he is not returning my sign.
  18. luna

    The Sign Quest

    I think the Engel Howard / Flamming Spirit Man at mjo_dun02 87 295 is bugged. I spoke to him and he did not return my sign and i almost waited for a week.
  19. luna

    Technical Issues

    Pleased to hear the P.S Part
  20. luna

    Server Maintenance

    Goodluck Everade
  21. Sup people ^_6

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      Kentaro Fuyuki

      Rage Fury sell me your LK!

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      bunty! you're back!

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      Download failed at 99.8%

      starting again.

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