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    Beverage Promo Quest

    Beverage Promo Quest Requirements: lots of Silver Gathering Coins (it depends on your luck how many you need) Step 1 Lets obtain some Silver Gathering Coins! Coins can be exchanged in Althea at the local bank building. Step 2 Now we go and exchange the Coins for some stuffs in the Vending Machine. You find them in nearly every town and as well in the Gathering Station. With some luck you will get a coupon. Exchange this coupon for this headgears: (whats standind under is what you need to buy from the wending machine to obtain the headgear) Fanta Orange Can Hat Fanta Orange 10 Coins each Fanta Grape Can Hat Fanta Grape 10 Coins each Karada Meguricha Hat Karada Meguricha 15 Coins each Black Tea Kochakaden Hat Black Tea Kochakaden 15 Coins each Coca Cola Can Hat Coca Cola 20 Coins each Red Minstrel Hat Coca Cola 20 Coins each Beer Hat Green Ale 30 Coins each NOTE: You DO need to drink the beverages! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Then thanks for reading this and feel free to comment :3! I hope it helped a bit~. Btw this is my first guide ;D!
  2. I don't know that band, if it's even a band. o.o;;;

    But nice. Is he/they are good? :3

  3. Nothing much, I feel tired somehow.

    And you? :D

  4. I'm not active too. xD

    Good I think. :3 What about you?

  5. Miu? Are you alive xD?

  6. DevilAngel

    Mirri's Gallery

    Oh my goooosh! I love it! I really do. <3 And wth it's awesome not bad... D: I really like the lips (I like the way you draw lips) and the hair. It's just all... The eye MIGHT be a bit too high up, but hmm doesn't really matter O:? I love it, thank you Sammy. <3 *hugs*
  7. DevilAngel

    Mirri's Gallery

    Well I won't start it today... I'm too sleepy. D: But yeah~ I think I have an idea~ <3 I hope you'll like it when it's finished!
  8. DevilAngel

    Mirri's Gallery

    Ok ok, then I'll take: Curious (Neugierig nicht Merkwürdig xD) Sentimental Star-lover >: D Let's see what it's gonna be~
  9. DevilAngel

    Mirri's Gallery

    Sounds good. Let's try it out~ <3 You start XD
  10. DevilAngel

    Mirri's Gallery

    Well Idk. You can decide it~ <3 As I said, I'm used to it 8DD YES I know. ...and I like it. /DD MUAHHAHAHAHHAAA!
  11. DevilAngel

    Mirri's Gallery

    Yay~! And YES ART TRADEN = LOOOOVE <3 I always draw on normal copypaper. Always! I'm already used to it. xD Sooo, let's see~: What should I draw for you? I kinda have a suggestion: everyone says some facts about the character the other person should draw. I don't know IF it's an good idea but hmmm... It's just random. :'D EDIT: PAGE OWN FTW!
  12. DevilAngel

    Mirri's Gallery

    Photocopy? I never do that. I'd choose to kill the picture eventually. 8DD Otherwise it's an good idea.. I should try it out~ *--* Btw, are you interested in a art trade? YES, another one. xDD I feel like drawing but I guess I wouldn't try my best if it wouldn't be for someone. You know what I mean? xDD"" I know that I fail. <3~ And I hate my A-key, doesn't works correct... -3-
  13. DevilAngel

    Mirri's Gallery

    Oh my gooosh, she's so cute *--* I love her. <3 It looks a lot better with color, totally. XD
  14. :D <3

    Never see you anymore ):

  15. Tired too somehow today, but I can't sleep O:!!

  16. haha ja sehr klein ;P