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  1. buy +15 Crimson bow
  2. buy crimson bow +15 leave offer
  3. temp dex boot ea+he =2b or trade to kiel hi skyler deal for 2b. im from chile we have 5 hours of diference. tell me the time for conect 👊
  4. i need B>Temp boot of dex +EA+HE Crimson Bow +15 leave the offer
  5. so without card its elven rigth?
  6. what its the strongest elven bow +10 with elven arrow or crimson bow+10?
  7. hi i want these items +9ABP Temp Dex Boots (Ea4/Hawk Eye 6b...its ok?
  8. HI can u give me the specification of this boots Temp dex boots runaway/ea4
  9. 2.5b for helm of darkness
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