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  1. Ah good to hear. Probbly all thanks to you being the CoLeader and all lol. Well i hope things are going well for you.

  2. I've been doing good, prodigy really went high like we're hitting the low 30's in woe which is a big jump but its still the same for me.

  3. I've been good after finally relaxing abit lol. How about you? What have you been up to.

  4. hey man how's it going?

  5. Lol its fine xD. At least you know now xD so thats all that matters

  6. Oh I see. :o

    I'm a bit confused about that sort of stuff. o.o

  7. xD? lol well not my old account but the new one you talked to last night was working XD

  8. It's working now, right? :3

  9. ^_^ lol well...9.0 seems to be like "The worst" for everyone, if you looked on google "Windows live messenger cant log in" you would see TONS of people xD; and im one of them .^. -sob- xD..lol well anyway im doing my best so i can talk to you and everyone else so x-x wish me luck
  10. ^_^ lol its fine silly..to fix things takes some time so i understand, besides you probbly have school work and all the other stuff so :3 its okay.
  11. Oh hey Alex. :3

    I see. Well, my MSN worked after re-starting. I remember when I had it back in beta-state and it kept turning off so I had to use some old messenger. XDD

  12. sup mirri. My msn isent working ever sence i downloaded - Windows live messenger 9.0, it wont let me log in so..if you ever do want to talk just E-mail me and ill reply to you as soon as i can

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